But I’m back again! cried Nora, with a monumental crash.

That quote is from one of my favorite children’s books, Noisy Nora. Nora wants to play but her parents are too busy with her other siblings ot pay her any attention, so of course she leaves! And then everyone looks for her (she’s just in the closet, so no worries) and she triumphantly returns with that line. It’s what I always think of when I return from somewhere. But I always get blank stares when I say it (except from my mom), so there’s some context for you. 🙂

Anyway, as Becky happened to mention/remind me, it’s TILT!! I missed last week and let’s see, the 2 before that so I must have a lot to catch up on. I mean, obviously. So here we go, bullet points:

  • Being healthy and insured- with all the brou haha about health care reform, I’m continually reminded that not everyone has the access to the things I do, and I need to take advantage of them!
  • Traveling with friends- it can be, and was, stressful at times, but traveling with Jen was a lot of fun and I did a lot of things I would not have done by myself (like, uh traveling at all!).
  • The United Kingdom: We went to England, Wales, Ireland, and Scotland so I can say with authority that I’m definitely an Anglophile to the core. Or does that just refer to England? Hmmm, British Isles-phile? Whatever the term I loved it all. People keep asking me to tell them my favorite part of the trip and I jump from thing to thing. Jane Austen’s house! Cardiff! The Highlands! The Fringe Festival! Doctor Who! The West End! Taking trains/tube/buses everywhere! The Royal Mile! Meeting ‘William Wallace’! Seeing Anna! Hampton Court! The Book of Kells! The Oscar Wilde statue! Loch Ness! See, I can’t choose just one, or just 11. Too hard. Loved it all.
  • Sleeping in my own bed. ‘Nuff said. 🙂
  • The new school year, meeting new 7th graders and my returning now-8th graders: I love meeting the new kids and seeing my ‘old’ kids, though I do miss those who are in high school now and see less often. The new crop are super-energetic and sweet, haven’t met a bad one yet *fingers crossed*
  • New arrivals! There are technically 11 days till my good friend Kat is due to give birth to her first child: Jemma. But judging from the look of her, she could pop any minute (I say this as if I have any idea what I’m talking about). I’m reeeeally excited for her and her husband Clay as they continue to watch their family grow (I was in their wedding back in May 2007)
  • More Weddings! Well, one more at least. My two great friends Eileen and Mike (or M & E as I refer to them on twitter) are getting hitched, this will probably be my last stint as MoH, and I more than happy to hang up my crown 😛 Now I just need to figure out what to do with my hair…I’m thinking something like Christina Hendricks’ hair in Mad Men..However, that’ll only make me even taller than the Best Man than my heels will already be making me. 😛
  • Rain: it’s been raining steadily all morning, and we sure have needed it.
  • Being a Texan and people not believing it: I noticed halfway through our trip that when people asked us where we were from, Jen and I always said Texas. Never America, or the United States. And yet people questioned us (after saying, isn’t that where Bush is from?), asking us where our accents were. Our answers: we’re from the city and our parents aren’t from Texas did not appease most people. Sure, we say y’all with the best of them and I have a twang when I say ‘pie’ but that’s basically it. And most people would say I’m from Minnesota (though I’ve never been there). I just find it amusing.

Okay, there are so many more things, but you’ll get tired of reading them so I’ll give it a rest now. 🙂 DFTBA!




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4 responses to “But I’m back again! cried Nora, with a monumental crash.

  1. Anyone who’s spent time in Minnesota surely would not mistake yours for a Minnesotan accent. (Trust me I’ve spent 6 years of life living with one.) Unless you’ve lived with one, then maybe you picked it up. I sure did. (Like that phrase!)

    I’m so glad you had so much fun. And I’m really glad you’re getting the rain instead of me. We’ve had too much, and you not enough. Let’s even that out a little!

  2. Hallo, other Noisy-Norah-lover! I say it, too, and get blank stares and have to explain (so now I just say it to myself.) Thank goodness there’s at least one other Norah-appreciator.

  3. Oops! I forgot – Nora’s American, so she doesn’t have an ‘h’ on the end of her name.

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