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Things I Love Thursday

The Curie's were HAWT.

I don’t know why but I have a deep love for Marie Curie. But is love ever easily understood or explained? No. Le sigh.
Okay, I liked Nicola’s listing from last week, so I’m going to mimic that.

Halloween, baking, seeing movies with E & M, Halloween parties, babies in costumes, Ray Bradbury, shopping with my mom, things that glow in the dark,,webcomics like hark, a vagrant!, a softer world, and questionable content, Thursday night tv!

Last night I started The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, it’s got that great, indefinable Bradbury quality to it, he just describes things in a way that makes my soul happy. This book is  a little creepy (though nothing compared to Something Wicked This Way Comes) and it has a lot to do with why we celebrate Halloween. Beautiful.

Kelly Kapoor’s new webisode for her pop group Subtle Sexuality

Probably many other things too, but definitely not papers that are due on Halloween! Boo!!!


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Your life in your books

What To Do: Using only books you have read this year (2009), answer these questions. Try not to repeat a book title. It’s a lot harder than you think!

Describe yourself: Lady of Quality (Georgette Heyer)

How do you feel: Devilish (Maureen Johnson)

Describe where you currently live: City of Glass(Cassandra Clare)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? The Sea of Monsters (Rick Riordan)

Your favorite form of transportation: The Coil (Gail Lynds)

Your best friend is: The Sugar Queen (Sarah Addison Allen)

You and your friends are: Birds of Prey: Of Like Minds (Gail Simone)

What’s the weather like: Heat Wave (Richard Castle)

You fear: The Savage (David Almond)

What is the best advice you have to give: Size 12 is Not Fat (Meg Cabot)

Thought for the day: In Odd we Trust (Dean Koontz)

How I would like to die: Chasing Vermeer (Blue Balliett)

My soul’s present condition: Now and Forever: Somewhere a Band is Playing (Ray Bradbury)


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What to love?

I was expecting not to have much to say on this subject today, since I had a pretty crappy day yesterday. Nothing big, just lots of little things that bring you down. I’ve got it all worked through, but there was a small breakdown around 9:30 last night. Luckily, that’s where #1 on the list comes in.

  • Jane Eyre– I reread parts of it last night, flipping through my copy to all of the passages I’ve highlighted and underlined through the years (I reread it on a pretty  annual basis) and when I was done I felt so much better, it was amazing. I’ve also been listening to the soundtrack to the musical nonstop in my car. It’s just the perfect book. I could wax all almost-English-minor on it, but I’ll just leave it at that.
  • My kids- This is definitely a recurring theme, but they’re such a big part of job, and I love my job! The highlight of my day yesterday was storytime with a new school that started up this year at a church where I do storytime for the preschoolers. This school is designed especially for kids with Down Syndrome, it’s called The Horizon School. So far they only have 3 kids. I was a little nervous as I’ve never done a storytime a. for that small a group (my first ever storytime was with 60+ kids!) and b. for kids with disabilities. But it went really well and I had a blast! Then there’s my junior high kiddos. They can be exhausting and they’re always hungry! But they have lots of great ideas about what they want to do (which is great when I’m planning programming!) and now they want to throw me a ‘surprise birthday party’ which means everyone will think it’s a surprise but the girl who’s organizing it, and me…Will see how that works out. 🙂
  • This comic:

    Oh, JPII. I miss you!

    Oh, JPII. I miss you!

  • Glee: Just started/caught up with Glee over the long weekend. I’m really enjoying it! It’s definitely flawed- doesn’t have the best writing, can be stereotypical, etc. But I think it knows that and pokes fun at the melodrama of it all. Plus. There’s singing.
  • p.s. Southwest Airlines!


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Things I Love…er Friday

This is late of course, but I still love things today so it can’t be all bad right? Right.

Okay so. Zombies.

Saw Zombieland on Friday with E and M, awesome awesome awesome. If you like zombies and laughing this is the movie for you. Seriously. Woody Harrelson is epic as Tallahassee the redneck zombie hunter searching for a twinkie. Everyone else is great too, but Woody’s oneliners are priceless.

Oh, gawd I love zombie movies

Oh, gawd I love zombie movies

Photography: M’s mom is running for judge and they asked me to take some photos of the family for the campaign website and the ‘push cards’ which I was more than happy to, nothing groundbreaking or experimental but fun to do nonetheless, especially since Jake the dog is a hoot, and M is “too tall for pictures”. And then of course there was brunch afterward!

Book Club: we had a meeting of our book club this Sunday after the photoshoot. I had not finished the book but it was still fun to discuss and I love chatting and munching with the ladies, most of whom I don’t know much.

Birthdays: Today is John Lennon’s birthday but more importantly, it’s Merritt’s (one of my 8th graders) birthday. She’s really one of my favorite kids, and since she is obsessed with the Beatles and I happen to have a guitar shaped cake pan, I made her a cake for our program this afternoon.

Howl’s Moving Castle: The rest of our program is watching Howl’s Moving Castle. This was my first Miyasaki film and definitely my favorite, I also adore the book by Diana Wynne-Jones. It’s so crazy pants, and the kids are always clamoring to watch it again.

Crazy pants awesome

Crazy pants awesome

Oh man…there was something else I was excited about….now I don’t remember!!! Frustrating..OH!

Jim and Pam’s Wedding! I’ve been a bad fan and I’ve missed a lot of the Office recently but I made sure to watch it last night and it just reiterated to me the awesomeness of the show. Sigh I love Jim.



Aaand Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I don’t know if you got to watch this when it was on tv, but I loved it. Of course I did, I’m obliged to love anything Aaron Sorkin looks at! Karen and I watched a few minutes of the pilot today because I’d been thinking about it recently. Sigh, I miss that show. Stupid broadcast television.

Here’s Sting singing my favorite song of his on the show, just another indicator of it’s awesomeness:

p.s. I don’t know why there are Spanish subs on…the sound is in English right? (I’m at the ref desk in the jdept. at work = no sound on the computer)

So that’s it for now, have a great weekend!

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Things I love Thursday

Ohhhh October! That’s definitely first on my list! I LOVE October. Love, love, love.  This is the month where it might start getting cooler (but probably not), and E’s birthday is in it, and of course Halloween! Which means I get to start wearing my large collection of Halloween earrings, I start on the 1st and rotate them till the 31st. Yesterday I actually managed to wear 2 pairs. Today I am rocking the dangling candy corn. 🙂

Finishing papers! Yesterday I somehow managed to plow through my last 2 papers for Capstone. Tomorrow I plan to look them over again to see if anything needs to changed/added and then put my works cited together and turn them in, 2 days early! I stressed myself out over it for nothing. Which I guess is better than not stressing out about it..right?

New Favorite Movies: A few weeks ago, one of my closest friends and the who introduced me to zombie movies and Doctor Who, Nick told me about this movie called Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel which has been called a mix between Shaun of the Dead and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (only 2 of my favorite films!) starring Chris O’dowd from The IT Crowd. I hadn’t and when I looked it up I discovered that it hasn’t been released in the states and doesn’t look likely to. Boo. Luckily NIck, being his awesome self had downloaded it and sent it to me from Ohio (boo on his moving so far away!). I watched it yesterday as a reward for finishing Capstone, and it is awesome! Just awesome.

Starting new projects: Last night we had an informational meeting to start up a new court for Junior Catholic Daughters, baby cake debaters! Only I’m hoping this will be a lot more fun. I’m going to be helping run it, but I’ve already warned my partner in crime Laurie that I’m a flake that must be reminded to show up for things.. 😛 I can be enthusiastic when I do remember though!

These people:

Most of the wedding party

Most of the wedding party

(oh sad, just noticed, the Best Man Josh got cropped out! Sorry Josh, I still love you! Anyway, you can see the whole -albeit tine-album on facebook)

And the most excellent wedding weekend of all time! Between Wednesday and Saturday I didn’t get to bed before 3am, usually a bit tipsy and I had a blast. E and M’s  friends from Philly all came in and I love them so it was great to party with them. The wedding itself was gorgeous and I managed to control myself and only cried a little bit.  The reception was especially great because I feel like I knew everyone there so there were no uncomfortable moments with strangers, I’ve grown up with E’s family, M’s family is so friendly and loving you can get along with them instantly, and of course I know their friends and work friends, and my family= lots of fun and good cake and crazy dancing. I was chastised for not being able to 2 step by Raul, E’s parents’ best friend. I had to keep distance between my sister (who was a little drunk) and Graham who she wanted to dance with. Uh. no. That’s not going to happen. 😛 Okay, I could go on and on but now I’ll stop.

Babies! Baby Jemma was finally born last Thursday! I’m so excited to meet her, hopefully next Saturday after I proctor the SAT test…yeah, I get to do that, how fun right?

Okay, it’s almost lunchtime which means we’re watching Fringe!!! Oh Joshua Jackson, how I love you.

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