Things I love Thursday

Ohhhh October! That’s definitely first on my list! I LOVE October. Love, love, love.  This is the month where it might start getting cooler (but probably not), and E’s birthday is in it, and of course Halloween! Which means I get to start wearing my large collection of Halloween earrings, I start on the 1st and rotate them till the 31st. Yesterday I actually managed to wear 2 pairs. Today I am rocking the dangling candy corn. 🙂

Finishing papers! Yesterday I somehow managed to plow through my last 2 papers for Capstone. Tomorrow I plan to look them over again to see if anything needs to changed/added and then put my works cited together and turn them in, 2 days early! I stressed myself out over it for nothing. Which I guess is better than not stressing out about it..right?

New Favorite Movies: A few weeks ago, one of my closest friends and the who introduced me to zombie movies and Doctor Who, Nick told me about this movie called Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel which has been called a mix between Shaun of the Dead and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (only 2 of my favorite films!) starring Chris O’dowd from The IT Crowd. I hadn’t and when I looked it up I discovered that it hasn’t been released in the states and doesn’t look likely to. Boo. Luckily NIck, being his awesome self had downloaded it and sent it to me from Ohio (boo on his moving so far away!). I watched it yesterday as a reward for finishing Capstone, and it is awesome! Just awesome.

Starting new projects: Last night we had an informational meeting to start up a new court for Junior Catholic Daughters, baby cake debaters! Only I’m hoping this will be a lot more fun. I’m going to be helping run it, but I’ve already warned my partner in crime Laurie that I’m a flake that must be reminded to show up for things.. 😛 I can be enthusiastic when I do remember though!

These people:

Most of the wedding party

Most of the wedding party

(oh sad, just noticed, the Best Man Josh got cropped out! Sorry Josh, I still love you! Anyway, you can see the whole -albeit tine-album on facebook)

And the most excellent wedding weekend of all time! Between Wednesday and Saturday I didn’t get to bed before 3am, usually a bit tipsy and I had a blast. E and M’s  friends from Philly all came in and I love them so it was great to party with them. The wedding itself was gorgeous and I managed to control myself and only cried a little bit.  The reception was especially great because I feel like I knew everyone there so there were no uncomfortable moments with strangers, I’ve grown up with E’s family, M’s family is so friendly and loving you can get along with them instantly, and of course I know their friends and work friends, and my family= lots of fun and good cake and crazy dancing. I was chastised for not being able to 2 step by Raul, E’s parents’ best friend. I had to keep distance between my sister (who was a little drunk) and Graham who she wanted to dance with. Uh. no. That’s not going to happen. 😛 Okay, I could go on and on but now I’ll stop.

Babies! Baby Jemma was finally born last Thursday! I’m so excited to meet her, hopefully next Saturday after I proctor the SAT test…yeah, I get to do that, how fun right?

Okay, it’s almost lunchtime which means we’re watching Fringe!!! Oh Joshua Jackson, how I love you.


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