Things I Love…er Friday

This is late of course, but I still love things today so it can’t be all bad right? Right.

Okay so. Zombies.

Saw Zombieland on Friday with E and M, awesome awesome awesome. If you like zombies and laughing this is the movie for you. Seriously. Woody Harrelson is epic as Tallahassee the redneck zombie hunter searching for a twinkie. Everyone else is great too, but Woody’s oneliners are priceless.

Oh, gawd I love zombie movies

Oh, gawd I love zombie movies

Photography: M’s mom is running for judge and they asked me to take some photos of the family for the campaign website and the ‘push cards’ which I was more than happy to, nothing groundbreaking or experimental but fun to do nonetheless, especially since Jake the dog is a hoot, and M is “too tall for pictures”. And then of course there was brunch afterward!

Book Club: we had a meeting of our book club this Sunday after the photoshoot. I had not finished the book but it was still fun to discuss and I love chatting and munching with the ladies, most of whom I don’t know much.

Birthdays: Today is John Lennon’s birthday but more importantly, it’s Merritt’s (one of my 8th graders) birthday. She’s really one of my favorite kids, and since she is obsessed with the Beatles and I happen to have a guitar shaped cake pan, I made her a cake for our program this afternoon.

Howl’s Moving Castle: The rest of our program is watching Howl’s Moving Castle. This was my first Miyasaki film and definitely my favorite, I also adore the book by Diana Wynne-Jones. It’s so crazy pants, and the kids are always clamoring to watch it again.

Crazy pants awesome

Crazy pants awesome

Oh man…there was something else I was excited about….now I don’t remember!!! Frustrating..OH!

Jim and Pam’s Wedding! I’ve been a bad fan and I’ve missed a lot of the Office recently but I made sure to watch it last night and it just reiterated to me the awesomeness of the show. Sigh I love Jim.



Aaand Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: I don’t know if you got to watch this when it was on tv, but I loved it. Of course I did, I’m obliged to love anything Aaron Sorkin looks at! Karen and I watched a few minutes of the pilot today because I’d been thinking about it recently. Sigh, I miss that show. Stupid broadcast television.

Here’s Sting singing my favorite song of his on the show, just another indicator of it’s awesomeness:

p.s. I don’t know why there are Spanish subs on…the sound is in English right? (I’m at the ref desk in the jdept. at work = no sound on the computer)

So that’s it for now, have a great weekend!


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  1. Leigh Anne

    Yay book club! Yay me finding your blog!

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