What to love?

I was expecting not to have much to say on this subject today, since I had a pretty crappy day yesterday. Nothing big, just lots of little things that bring you down. I’ve got it all worked through, but there was a small breakdown around 9:30 last night. Luckily, that’s where #1 on the list comes in.

  • Jane Eyre– I reread parts of it last night, flipping through my copy to all of the passages I’ve highlighted and underlined through the years (I reread it on a pretty  annual basis) and when I was done I felt so much better, it was amazing. I’ve also been listening to the soundtrack to the musical nonstop in my car. It’s just the perfect book. I could wax all almost-English-minor on it, but I’ll just leave it at that.
  • My kids- This is definitely a recurring theme, but they’re such a big part of job, and I love my job! The highlight of my day yesterday was storytime with a new school that started up this year at a church where I do storytime for the preschoolers. This school is designed especially for kids with Down Syndrome, it’s called The Horizon School. So far they only have 3 kids. I was a little nervous as I’ve never done a storytime a. for that small a group (my first ever storytime was with 60+ kids!) and b. for kids with disabilities. But it went really well and I had a blast! Then there’s my junior high kiddos. They can be exhausting and they’re always hungry! But they have lots of great ideas about what they want to do (which is great when I’m planning programming!) and now they want to throw me a ‘surprise birthday party’ which means everyone will think it’s a surprise but the girl who’s organizing it, and me…Will see how that works out. 🙂
  • This comic:

    Oh, JPII. I miss you!

    Oh, JPII. I miss you!

  • Glee: Just started/caught up with Glee over the long weekend. I’m really enjoying it! It’s definitely flawed- doesn’t have the best writing, can be stereotypical, etc. But I think it knows that and pokes fun at the melodrama of it all. Plus. There’s singing.
  • p.s. Southwest Airlines!


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2 responses to “What to love?

  1. That SWA video was amazing!! I’m glad the kids helped put a smile on your face. It usually works for me.

    I do want to hear more about this “surprise party” idea though!

  2. Autumn

    A: I didn’t know you had switched blog sites, a sad testament to how out of touch I’ve been technologically lately.

    B: I love the music to Jane Eyre the musical! I am glad you do too. I LOVE the voice of James Barbour who does Rochester and I think Marla Schaffel is a great Jane too.

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