Things I Love Thursday

Oh Thursday! You’re already/finally here! I’m really looking forward to the weekend, there are lots of things I want to get done/relax and finally kick this illness- it’s annoying.

So, things I love:

Spending time with friends: isn’t that an obvious one? Friday E and M had a party and we were all up till 4am because the boys got caught up in their man-chatter, and poor M had to pay for it the next day- he was late for his mock trial practice and had a killer hangover.

Musicals: Saw Mary Poppins with Bob and Bagel on Sunday. It was…good but a little underwhelming overall. The good songs were really amazingly good and the rest were a little meh. But it was fun to be with Bob and Bagel!

Finding new recipes: On a whim I used a recipe on the back of a bag of frozen green beans yesterday and it turned out to be totally yummy. I have transcribed it into my special, rarely used but totally adorable recipe box.

Beautiful fall days: We don’t have 4 actual seasons here, it’s more like Hot, Dry Summer; Humid, Rainy Summer, 2 sporadic weeks of nice weather; grey and cold; 2 weeks of sporadic nice weather and back to summer. So when it’s blue skies and cool breezes I’m outside as much as possible. Sadly that’s hard when it’s dark by the time I leave work. Oh you daylights savings time. 🙂

Old Movies: I was watching one of my new favorite sitcoms Accidentally on Purpose and I noticed that the main character Billie (who is movie critic for a newspaper) has a framed photo of James Cagney on the mantle in her bedroom. I love James Cagney! I don’t even care that he was several inches short than me, he rocks.  Now I want to go watch black and white movies all weekend. Sadly, I don’t own any Cagney films, so I may start with the Bachelor and the Bobbysoxer (have you seen it? Cary Grant, Myrna Loy, and a 16 year old Shirley Temple? SO good.)



the Glee station on Pandora: Granted they mostly just play Glee and Rent with some Disney songs thrown into the mix, but what, I ask you, is wrong with that? And I answer you, nothing. Nothing. at. all. 

And most of all this: For the 20th anniversary of Say Anything BluRay release, there were tons of guys dressed as Lloyd Dobler in NYC! I wish I had been there! Heaven!


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  1. Autumn

    Gotta love James Cagney. AND Cary Grant. I love him. He did so many hilarious movies. I remember the first time I saw Bringing Up Baby, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that much out loud at a movie.

    I was also a little underwhelmed by Mary Poppins. It has its neat moments but overall … meh. Although I LOVED the dancing Step in Time number.

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