Things I Love Thursday!

Once again, Thursday has snuck up on me! The City was closed for Veteran’s Day yesterday so it feels like a Monday to me. But I am so happy it is Thursday, that means good tv, and the weekend coming soon! And this will be a great weekend, though I just found out my baby sister won’t be coming home.  But that means I won’t have to stress about not spending enough time with her because of the other things I’ll be doing. But since those events are in the future I’ll leave them for next week’s post, which I have a feeling will be a doozy!

Mostly the things I love this week have to do with seeing my close friend/ex-college roomie yesterday. Kat live is Katy, Tx which is a little over an hour from where I live now (very different than right down the hall as was the case for over 3 years). To add to the changes, she’s married and has a baby. I haven’t seen her since she was preggers and baby Jemma is now almost 2 months old. I’ve misplaced my camera so I didn’t get to take any pictures, but here are a few things I loved from yesterday:

Baby smell, serious blue eyes, the new nickname ‘moushka’, introducing Kat to twitter (she’s @moushkamama), hearing/seeing slightly gross but educational things about giving birth, resurrecting the ‘so there you go’ catchphrase with Clay, watching the Office, funky 1960’s aprons, baking pumpkin bread and chilli while Kat fed Jemma, peanut m&ms, playing with Wrigley, rubbing Tallulah’s belly, tiny baby socks, showing off my UK photos, talking about old times, making new plans, boxed wine, and  just talking to Kat.

Kat, Clay and Jemma

Things I’m looking forward to loving this weekend: Wearing The Dress again (must steam it tonight!), seeing Jana perform, the Rayburn’s party, book club (must finish A Tree Grows in Brooklyn!!), maybe seeing Pirate Radio?

I’m sure there are more thinkgs that I’ve loved recently but all of my kids are gathered ’round my desk and I just noticed I lost my community service volunteer…


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