Things I Love Thursday -Birthukkah edition

I really didn’t think I would get to writing a blog today. Especially tonight, but now I’m too jazzed to go to sleep (will regret this tomorrow)! SO! BLOG! 😀 Imagine I have Maureen’s big eyes for this entire entry.

We are in the throes of Birthukkah, that special time of year I appropriate for my special amusement. For those of you not in the know (I don’t think these people really exist as I’ve told everyone about Birthukkah), Birthukkah is the extended celebration of my birth (like Hanukkah is for 8 days). Get it? So the things I’ve loved about Birthukkah?

Memory Monday- people left me their favorite memories of me which included:

  • “How you managed to get pulled over after leaving Studio night with no headlights and expired license, and getting off the hook. Charm, 100% of the time.” ~Nick
  • “Jenny Lewis choosing us to be included in her little singing circle w/ her band in the middle of the audience. 🙂 RAD.” ~Zharleen
  • “I remember when they pulled you out of me. You were mad! (Guess they woke you up.) You were screaming and screaming. Then they plopped you on my chest and you looked at me at it was like you said “oh, its you” and you shut up.”~My mom

Tinsel Tuesday when everyone told me movies that reminded them of me or movies they thought I should see. They were spot on for a lot of the recommendations too! Away We Go, Zombieland, The Court Jester!

Wisdom Wednesday had some great advice, including’plant your corn early’ Good to know!

Today was Things I Love About Sti Thursday in honor of this blog. This one revealed lovely things like:

  • “Ok…there is so much I love about you Sti… You are so kind, wise, loving, smart, caring and your love for books is awesome…”~Melinda
  • “I love that you can love yourself with confidence. ;-)”~Karen
  • “purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;)” ~Leah

Seriously, all my friends are the best. Love love love.

In other things I love news:

New Moon Masquerade went really well, and now I don’t feel the need to actually see the movie. I am so Twilighted out.

And finally, I love 3 hour long coffee dates with a boy who understands obscure Hitchhiker’s Guide references and more of my oddness. And plans for Thai food tomorrow…

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