Winter in the Houston area part 1

Since Becky is documenting her ‘snow-mageddon’ (great name by the way!) and wants to live vicariously through Texas weather, I figured I better get started!

It’s true, I have worn shorts on Christmas Eve before, granted it was in junior high, but I did! Not that winter in Texas is all palm trees and icy drinks with little umbrellas and cabana boys. Today it stopped raining for the first time in a couple days! I was really excited about this since my windshield wipers are being ridiculous and it’s dark when I get off work and blah blah blah, they’re only partially operational at the moment. So no rain is a great thing, however our yard looks like a swamp and we’re hoping it’ll dry quickly so we can party on it next next weekend.

It did snow here last week though! The earliest recorded snow in Houston EVER. And they were genuine fat flakes, that mostly melted when they hit the ground, but still it was fantastic!

Let’s see what else would you like to know besides the fact that we have to tightrope walk over rocks to avoid the giant puddle on our front walk? 🙂 Oh and it’s 76 degrees right now..with 83% humidity…


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