Winter in Texas Day 2

So, just a quick update. Yesterday? Rainy, humid, warm. Today? Sunny, clear, and chilly! That’s the thing about Texas weather, it may not get cold enough to frost your eyelashes (thank God!), but it always keeps you guessing. I heard on the radio when I got up this morning (around 7:00) that it was in the 50s and that it’s supposed to get into the 30s tonight. Which for me means bringing my pea coat to work and picking out a new scarf to wear!*

Before I leave you to go an Outreach (storytime), here are some pictures.

This is Tuesday morning

You can just barely see the monster puddle we have to tiptoe around!

And here is this morning:

Bright and Sunny!

Okay, off to read winter stories!


*I picked my piano key print, Schroeder scarf. 🙂


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