As of Friday, you may all call me Master

Just kidding, but you’re more than welcome to if the mood strikes. 🙂

Also, I won’t pull the shenigans this guy did:

There are no paradox machines in your future

That’s right, I turned in my last assignment (Library of Congress Classification if you were wondering) yesterday shortly before 6:00. Now, assuming nothing horrific happens to all of the other assignments I’ve turned Friday is the Commencement Day at UNT and I’ll technically be graduated. Now, I won’t be there, but I’ll be having a party the next day at my house to celebrate anyway and in a few weeks my diploma should arrive in the mail.

Any thoughts on where I should hang it? Should I shelve it? 🙂

Also, I have a list of things I plan on devoting more time to now that there are no looming deadlines to feel guilty about ignoring:

  • paint more
  • write more
  • read more
  • take pictures again
  • cross-stitch more
  • learn to embroider
  • clean more (I’m such a slob!)
  • pack and move! 31 days till I move!
  • Do more things with my Teen Advisory Group at work
  • Read and nominate graphic novels for the Maverick list!

So there are lots of things I’m really excited about doing more often and I’m soooo glad to be done with school FOREVER (when I say that everyone responds, until you get your doctorate, at which point I vomit hyperventilate a little).

I really wish there were more things for me to share right now, but I can’t think of them and I have another list of things I need to do here at work so I’ll sign off for now. See you on Thursday!



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2 responses to “As of Friday, you may all call me Master

  1. sti!! it’s marianne!! i’m going to put you on my blog roll if you don’t mind. ❤

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