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Hey y’all, it’s me again!

Nicola’s update pushed me to finally get back to blogging, it’s been a really busy holiday season!

I am officially moved into my new place and I love it. The commute is a little long (30 minutes each way) but so far I don’t mind it- especially if I’ve got a good audiobook or cd to listen to. I’ve been promising photos (better quality than those already posted) so I shall try to put those up tonight after I cook dinner.

So, things I love this week:

Free comic books: As a member of the Maverick committee, I’m getting all sorts of graphic novels delivered. For free! It’s like Christmas almost everyday. The only problem- I get one and start it, then get another and start that one without finishing the first. Sigh. They’re just so pretty!

Being so close to E and M: I mean, I haven’t seen them yet this week, but on Sunday when the weather was so gorgeous E and I went for a looong walk through the swanky neighborhood around our apt. And it’s great to be able to borrow things I need for book club etc. 🙂

Barbara Kingsolver: This month I hosted Book Club for the first time (successfully because of the love mentioned above), and the book I chose was Barbara Kingsolver’s newest- The Lacuna. I love love love her. Let me start there. And then let me follow up with the shocker that I do not love love love Poisonwood Bible which is what everyone else loves. Bean Trees, Pigs in Heaven, Animal Dreams and Prodigal Summer however. And even her short stories (a format I don’t normally like) are wonderful. The Lacuna did not disappoint though it’s a little epic for my taste. Still beautifully written with some of my favorite themes, art, words, history, food, creating families from the people around you etc. And a few new ones, the pervasiveness of media, celebrity, communism, McCarthyism. I did (of course) cry really hard at some parts, so be warned.

Type A personalities: Something I noticed this weekend. My three closest friends are all definitely Type A personalities -in varying degrees of course. Also, pretty anyone I’ve ever been attracted to and/or involved with has been as well. Personally I’m very Type B (is that the other type?), a little lazy, not too detail oriented, not particularly driven, very ‘oh well that looks good enough’. So maybe I think this other personality type is fascinating? Who knows, though I think that we affect each in positive ways- maybe I loosen up type As and they motivate me? Or I could be incorrectly over-analyzing everyone….

Meh. Much love! Hope the rest of your week flies by!

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