Hey y’all, it’s me again!

Nicola’s update pushed me to finally get back to blogging, it’s been a really busy holiday season!

I am officially moved into my new place and I love it. The commute is a little long (30 minutes each way) but so far I don’t mind it- especially if I’ve got a good audiobook or cd to listen to. I’ve been promising photos (better quality than those already posted) so I shall try to put those up tonight after I cook dinner.

So, things I love this week:

Free comic books: As a member of the Maverick committee, I’m getting all sorts of graphic novels delivered. For free! It’s like Christmas almost everyday. The only problem- I get one and start it, then get another and start that one without finishing the first. Sigh. They’re just so pretty!

Being so close to E and M: I mean, I haven’t seen them yet this week, but on Sunday when the weather was so gorgeous E and I went for a looong walk through the swanky neighborhood around our apt. And it’s great to be able to borrow things I need for book club etc. 🙂

Barbara Kingsolver: This month I hosted Book Club for the first time (successfully because of the love mentioned above), and the book I chose was Barbara Kingsolver’s newest- The Lacuna. I love love love her. Let me start there. And then let me follow up with the shocker that I do not love love love Poisonwood Bible which is what everyone else loves. Bean Trees, Pigs in Heaven, Animal Dreams and Prodigal Summer however. And even her short stories (a format I don’t normally like) are wonderful. The Lacuna did not disappoint though it’s a little epic for my taste. Still beautifully written with some of my favorite themes, art, words, history, food, creating families from the people around you etc. And a few new ones, the pervasiveness of media, celebrity, communism, McCarthyism. I did (of course) cry really hard at some parts, so be warned.

Type A personalities: Something I noticed this weekend. My three closest friends are all definitely Type A personalities -in varying degrees of course. Also, pretty anyone I’ve ever been attracted to and/or involved with has been as well. Personally I’m very Type B (is that the other type?), a little lazy, not too detail oriented, not particularly driven, very ‘oh well that looks good enough’. So maybe I think this other personality type is fascinating? Who knows, though I think that we affect each in positive ways- maybe I loosen up type As and they motivate me? Or I could be incorrectly over-analyzing everyone….

Meh. Much love! Hope the rest of your week flies by!


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One response to “Hey y’all, it’s me again!

  1. Holly Ford

    Ha, I’m assuming that I’m one of the three type As. All I will say about you being interested in type A men is to point out that the Meyers Briggs people agree with you….they say that you want the ‘two outer letters to differ and the two inner letters to match’. So your INFP would match an ENFJ (haHA! again, a male version of Me!). Good instincts, Sti, good instincts :D.

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