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Something to get us dancing for BEDA

Oh how I love nerdfighters!!!!

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Things I Love Thursday

Nicola reminded me that I had a pretty good day, full of loves. So, things I loved today:

  • Having a good hair day
  • Radio Caroline
  • watching the Daily Show on my lunch break
  • attempting (and almost succeeding!) at eating 6 saltine crackers in 1 minute with 2 of my coworkers, which another coworker cluelessly walked in on.
  • talking about tv
  • being surrounded by kids when they got off school, hearing their triumphs, dramas, and disappointments.
  • hearing a younger kid say “DANG IT! I owe my brother $25” and when asked why, he said “Because I didn’t believe him that teenagers would all hang out at the library!” 🙂
  • Going to the Museum of Fine Arts Houston alone to see the Alice Neel exhibit. I love her and they have footage of her painting some of her portraits–she’s nothing like I imagined. I love it.
  • Finding my hamster. The new aquarium proved no problem for my little escape artist so she’s back in her smaller cage which I guess isn’t so bad, she likes to climb the bars and I let her out to run a lot…

Okay, off to put on pjs and read a bit!

Baron's Aunt by Alice Neel

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BEDA is coming!

My lovely BEDA Buddies, Nicola, Becky, Autumn (and welcoming Lo!) and I are gearing up to Blog everyday this April in accordance with last year’s epic launch of awesome by Maureen Johnson. And we have learned from the burn out/running out of interesting things to talk about that we encountered last year. We are prepared with lots of topics to feed our fertile minds. Can you tell I’m excited? I want to start right now, but I’m afraid to ruin(?) it? How can you ruin it? It’s blogging!

Yesterday I was named secretary of a city employee committee that aims to improve fellowship between the city’s employees. I’m a newbie and even when I demurred on the grounds that I’m neither organized nor good at planning/scheduling things more than 20 minutes in advance I still got saddled with the position. Gotta love it. But you know, it’s only 2 years…

In other news, I’m going to make this tonight:
Though what I really want to make are these:

But I’ve been sticking to my goals very well so far this week! Haven’t had and sweets or drinks AND I’ve worked out every morning so far (and owww). Aren’t you proud? 🙂 Well I am anyway.

Rumples has her new home, a big glass aquarium but I’m a little paranoid that it’s not Hamster-Escape proof, since it was a fish aquarium and has hole in the lid for the filter that I can’t figure out how to properly block…If anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate them!

In other news, Comicpalooza is this weekend and I’m really looking forward to geeking out with some of my coworkers/friends and possibly meeting/seeing Bruce Campbell, Nicholas Brendan (Xander from Buffy), and Francis Capra (Weevil) and Jason Dohring (Logan) from Veronica Mars! Hopefully I can keep it together and not get all fan-girly-flustered.
More later!

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Detox week

After a week of eating and drinking anything and everything I wanted, I’m feeling the effects. I haven’t stepped on a scale, but I’m going to wager I’ve reacquainted my body with at least 5lbs that have been missing for a while. Overall I just feel scummy  and sluggish for eating without any sort of moderation (except for Friday when I refrained from meat, but nothing else…). So this week I’ll be detoxing a little, lots of water, fresh fruits and veggies, no sweets and no alcohol. The last 2 are going to be difficult, but I’m not giving them up for good, so I’ll just tell myself to wait a while(though Michele just brought in fresh fudge- DANG IT!). I’ve posted ‘motivational’ post it notes around my apt. that say “Work Out!” and “Get UP!” in the hopes that they will, you know, motivate me to wake up when my alarm goes off and work out each morning.  I’ve also set some rewards for myself. If I work out every day this week, I am going shoe shopping this weekend!

For any friends who actually read this far, sorry, talking about diet and exercise is usually something I save for different sites but my thoughts are that writing this will help me commit to the week’s goals (I’m even reading a story about a mouse getting fit for all of my story times this week!).

In other news, what is UP with this cold?!  I can’t feel my fingers, granted this is because of the library’s insistence on always having the a/c cranked up, but yesterday during our walk E and I could barely keep Buddy from flying away! It did make for some interesting clouds though. I would’ve taken a picture but alas I was driving when I saw them.

Just like all the teachers out there I’m looking forward to having all of my kids return to me today. Though I got to see a fair number of them over the break, I’m excited to see them all and hear what they did for the break. In all their too-loud-for-the-library-voices glory.

Just found out BEDA buddy Autumn is on board for our mini BEDA this year, so all 4 of us are going to do it!
On that note, I’m going to wrap this up to do some work before lunch with my sister at 1:00! Hungry already….

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Spring Fridays

Look! Another attempt to blog this week, aren’t you proud? Of course you are.

Fantastic week so far, all of my teacher friends are on Spring Break so my schedule has been full of fun extra curricular activities/hi-jinks.

Monday- dinner at Onion Creek, though I wouldn’t recommend it as a restaurant (who runs out of bacon???) we made a ruckus on the porch and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday Leigh Anne and I had a hair dying party:

Red hairs for St. Patrick's Day

And Max fawned over me, I can’t blame him really. 🙂

Wednesday was a cross between St. Patrick’s Day and Ruthie’s Birthday. Picnic/coloring/wiffle ball/margarita cupcakes with the Cholula All Stars at Discovery Green:

Buddy at Discovery Green

Then dinner at Lola which was Really Good and will be going there again, for sure. Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at Beer Island which is kind of a hole, but not packed like other places were bound to be, and then back to Ruthie’s house where poor Dolly was petrified of the new people in her home!

Yesterday was my day off, I slept in cleaned the apt (which was looking kinda gross) and then decided I needed bread so E and I had a Central Market outing, walked through the store smelling all the good smells, buying fresh bread and all the good things to spread on it: butter, cheese, pesto, a pear, and nutella. We sat in the sun and munched, then window shopped in Highland Park (oh Anthropologie!). Got my flat tire fixed (I’m such a grown up!) then ate Chinese food, banana nut muffins and watched Pirate Radio, which E pointed out, has everything necessary to make an awesome movie: Sex, drugs, rock and roll, pirates, hi-jinks, British people, Phillip Seymour Hoffman… EXCELLENT DAY.

Tonight: Fish Fry and then hanging out with Nick, Jessica and all the high school crowd!

Saturday: work (blah) and possibly Roller Derby????!!!

Sunday: Reading at mass and hopefully making it back to Houston in time for Book Club!

This week has-and will continue to-rock so hard! Which is exactly what I needed, thanks friends!

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Long time coming?

I always try to think of witty titles, but they don’t usually surface…Well Leigh Anne is reviving her blog and it’s almost time for BEDA to begin again so I think I should get back into the practice of writing regularly. Don’t want to sprain anything when it’s time to blog every day! Oh wait, just found out it might not be until August? What? August is a horrible time for blogging daily! Hrm.

What was I talking about? Oh, reviving this blog. Okay, I can commit to that at least right? I’ll start with a very few things about my weekend.

  • Fish Fry on Friday with my family and people I’ve grown up with at my parish- always fun.
  • Early morning Saturday to proctor the SAT with my sister and her friend. Looong morning and boring, but it was easy money!
  • Spent the afternoon, evening, and early morning with M & E and their friend Decker enjoying the spring weather at the Ginger Man with the dog Mike found on Monday (p.s. if you know anyone missing a dog near Brompton and Holcombe in Houston, let us know!). Then ate at Two Rows and watched Inglourious Basterds again. Love it.
  • Sunday I thwarted the sun’s efforts to wake me up at 8am and slept till 10 which actually turned out to be 11 with the time change, had Mexican food and a margarita for breakfast, broke up with the boy, went on a great and relaxing picnic with M and E and Buddy (picture to follow) at Hermann park, then got dolled up in fancy cocktail dresses and hit Anvil for fancy cocktails (I had a drink called ‘Zombie’ which I loved!), came up with my Roller Derby moniker (Helena Handbasket)-which I’ll never use because I bruise too easily and can’t roller skate so I think it will be my drinking name. 🙂 We also hit up 59 diner in our finery and got to hear some passionate arguments on why black men shouldn’t date outside their race (seriously though? It’s 2010! We live in the future, date who you want!) and how Beyonce is a talentless robot..Having had a few potent drinks, this was surreal.
  • Oh and when we got home at 2am, I discovered I hadn’t latched Rumples’ cage properly and had to hunt for her in a panic. I found her. But whew!

Okay, so that was my weekend! I’d 78% awesome.

Buddy, a seriously awesome dog!

Let’s see what Monday has in store for us!

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