Long time coming?

I always try to think of witty titles, but they don’t usually surface…Well Leigh Anne is reviving her blog and it’s almost time for BEDA to begin again so I think I should get back into the practice of writing regularly. Don’t want to sprain anything when it’s time to blog every day! Oh wait, just found out it might not be until August? What? August is a horrible time for blogging daily! Hrm.

What was I talking about? Oh, reviving this blog. Okay, I can commit to that at least right? I’ll start with a very few things about my weekend.

  • Fish Fry on Friday with my family and people I’ve grown up with at my parish- always fun.
  • Early morning Saturday to proctor the SAT with my sister and her friend. Looong morning and boring, but it was easy money!
  • Spent the afternoon, evening, and early morning with M & E and their friend Decker enjoying the spring weather at the Ginger Man with the dog Mike found on Monday (p.s. if you know anyone missing a dog near Brompton and Holcombe in Houston, let us know!). Then ate at Two Rows and watched Inglourious Basterds again. Love it.
  • Sunday I thwarted the sun’s efforts to wake me up at 8am and slept till 10 which actually turned out to be 11 with the time change, had Mexican food and a margarita for breakfast, broke up with the boy, went on a great and relaxing picnic with M and E and Buddy (picture to follow) at Hermann park, then got dolled up in fancy cocktail dresses and hit Anvil for fancy cocktails (I had a drink called ‘Zombie’ which I loved!), came up with my Roller Derby moniker (Helena Handbasket)-which I’ll never use because I bruise too easily and can’t roller skate so I think it will be my drinking name. 🙂 We also hit up 59 diner in our finery and got to hear some passionate arguments on why black men shouldn’t date outside their race (seriously though? It’s 2010! We live in the future, date who you want!) and how Beyonce is a talentless robot..Having had a few potent drinks, this was surreal.
  • Oh and when we got home at 2am, I discovered I hadn’t latched Rumples’ cage properly and had to hunt for her in a panic. I found her. But whew!

Okay, so that was my weekend! I’d 78% awesome.

Buddy, a seriously awesome dog!

Let’s see what Monday has in store for us!


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One response to “Long time coming?

  1. Leigh Anne

    OMG, I am so glad you found Rumples. I would’ve freaked out if my rodents went missing. Mostly because I also have a cat and dog and would know where they’d be.

    Yay for blogging more! We can do it. 🙂

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