Spring Fridays

Look! Another attempt to blog this week, aren’t you proud? Of course you are.

Fantastic week so far, all of my teacher friends are on Spring Break so my schedule has been full of fun extra curricular activities/hi-jinks.

Monday- dinner at Onion Creek, though I wouldn’t recommend it as a restaurant (who runs out of bacon???) we made a ruckus on the porch and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday Leigh Anne and I had a hair dying party:

Red hairs for St. Patrick's Day

And Max fawned over me, I can’t blame him really. šŸ™‚

Wednesday was a cross between St. Patrick’s Day and Ruthie’s Birthday. Picnic/coloring/wiffle ball/margarita cupcakes with the Cholula All Stars at Discovery Green:

Buddy at Discovery Green

Then dinner at Lola which was Really Good and will be going there again, for sure. Celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at Beer Island which is kind of a hole, but not packed like other places were bound to be, and then back to Ruthie’s house where poor Dolly was petrified of the new people in her home!

Yesterday was my day off, I slept in cleaned the apt (which was looking kinda gross) and then decided I needed bread so E and I had a Central Market outing, walked through the store smelling all the good smells, buying fresh bread and all the good things to spread on it: butter, cheese, pesto, a pear, and nutella. We sat in the sun and munched, then window shopped in Highland Park (oh Anthropologie!). Got my flat tire fixed (I’m such a grown up!) then ate Chinese food, banana nut muffins and watched Pirate Radio, which E pointed out, has everything necessary to make an awesome movie: Sex, drugs, rock and roll, pirates, hi-jinks, British people, Phillip Seymour Hoffman… EXCELLENT DAY.

Tonight: Fish Fry and then hanging out with Nick, Jessica and all the high school crowd!

Saturday: work (blah) and possibly Roller Derby????!!!

Sunday: Reading at mass and hopefully making it back to Houston in time for Book Club!

This week has-and will continue to-rock so hard! Which is exactly what I needed, thanks friends!


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