Detox week

After a week of eating and drinking anything and everything I wanted, I’m feeling the effects. I haven’t stepped on a scale, but I’m going to wager I’ve reacquainted my body with at least 5lbs that have been missing for a while. Overall I just feel scummy  and sluggish for eating without any sort of moderation (except for Friday when I refrained from meat, but nothing else…). So this week I’ll be detoxing a little, lots of water, fresh fruits and veggies, no sweets and no alcohol. The last 2 are going to be difficult, but I’m not giving them up for good, so I’ll just tell myself to wait a while(though Michele just brought in fresh fudge- DANG IT!). I’ve posted ‘motivational’ post it notes around my apt. that say “Work Out!” and “Get UP!” in the hopes that they will, you know, motivate me to wake up when my alarm goes off and work out each morning.  I’ve also set some rewards for myself. If I work out every day this week, I am going shoe shopping this weekend!

For any friends who actually read this far, sorry, talking about diet and exercise is usually something I save for different sites but my thoughts are that writing this will help me commit to the week’s goals (I’m even reading a story about a mouse getting fit for all of my story times this week!).

In other news, what is UP with this cold?!  I can’t feel my fingers, granted this is because of the library’s insistence on always having the a/c cranked up, but yesterday during our walk E and I could barely keep Buddy from flying away! It did make for some interesting clouds though. I would’ve taken a picture but alas I was driving when I saw them.

Just like all the teachers out there I’m looking forward to having all of my kids return to me today. Though I got to see a fair number of them over the break, I’m excited to see them all and hear what they did for the break. In all their too-loud-for-the-library-voices glory.

Just found out BEDA buddy Autumn is on board for our mini BEDA this year, so all 4 of us are going to do it!
On that note, I’m going to wrap this up to do some work before lunch with my sister at 1:00! Hungry already….


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  1. Leigh Anne

    I packed on about 3 pounds and feel blobby. I knw what you mean.

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