BEDA is coming!

My lovely BEDA Buddies, Nicola, Becky, Autumn (and welcoming Lo!) and I are gearing up to Blog everyday this April in accordance with last year’s epic launch of awesome by Maureen Johnson. And we have learned from the burn out/running out of interesting things to talk about that we encountered last year. We are prepared with lots of topics to feed our fertile minds. Can you tell I’m excited? I want to start right now, but I’m afraid to ruin(?) it? How can you ruin it? It’s blogging!

Yesterday I was named secretary of a city employee committee that aims to improve fellowship between the city’s employees. I’m a newbie and even when I demurred on the grounds that I’m neither organized nor good at planning/scheduling things more than 20 minutes in advance I still got saddled with the position. Gotta love it. But you know, it’s only 2 years…

In other news, I’m going to make this tonight:
Though what I really want to make are these:

But I’ve been sticking to my goals very well so far this week! Haven’t had and sweets or drinks AND I’ve worked out every morning so far (and owww). Aren’t you proud? 🙂 Well I am anyway.

Rumples has her new home, a big glass aquarium but I’m a little paranoid that it’s not Hamster-Escape proof, since it was a fish aquarium and has hole in the lid for the filter that I can’t figure out how to properly block…If anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate them!

In other news, Comicpalooza is this weekend and I’m really looking forward to geeking out with some of my coworkers/friends and possibly meeting/seeing Bruce Campbell, Nicholas Brendan (Xander from Buffy), and Francis Capra (Weevil) and Jason Dohring (Logan) from Veronica Mars! Hopefully I can keep it together and not get all fan-girly-flustered.
More later!


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One response to “BEDA is coming!

  1. It’s so much more fun with all this excitement and anticipation! Um, and preparation!

    Good work on the goals! I don’t think I’ve ever stuck to an exervice regime, even for a week, haha. Keep it up x

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