Good Friday and Music!

Hello all, it’s Good Friday so if you’re like m me and my super Catholic family you’re fasting and getting ready to go to live Stations of the Cross that’s being put on by your church’s youth group (well, actually my family is taking our dog to the vet right now- which I don ‘t really want to talk about). Last night mom, Bob (little sister Robin), and I went to Holy Thursday mass which is about 2+ hours long and really powerful. Good Friday is tough though as you’re subdued and contemplative and generally sad and that’s hard for me to be for long periods of time…But tomorrow night is Easter vigil and that brings lots of happiness! So I’ll look forward to that and move on to talking about music!

Music: Okay.  I know we, as a society, are constantly bombarded by music and noise- we can’t live without it. So when I say, I always have to have music playing, you may understand what I mean (if you don’t that’s fine too!). I’m so dependent on music that I will turn it on while having a conversation in the car, as soon as I get home, while I go to sleep at night, when I’m in the shower, etc. It’s so much of a preoccupation that I decided to give it up for lent last year and boy was that difficult. Luckily I made it through, though my soul really mourned the loss for 40 days.

And I wouldn’t say I’m a music snob per se, though I have been known to scoff (quite a lot) at current pop sensations. I prefer more acoustic-y, folk-y, indie stuff (Matt Nathanson, Matt Costa, Weakerthans, Diego’s Umbrella, A Fine Frenzy) but I also gladly still listen to my old cds from high school (Weezer, Counting Crows, Third Eye Blind, Everclear), I love alt-country, rockabilly type stuff (Cake, Old 97s, Avett Brothers) and just plain old country music (Patsy Cline, Lady Antebellum, Brad Paisley, Reba McIntire etc.)- I am a Texan after all. And showtunes, which means I have both Glee albums as well as lots of other musicals always in rotation.

So now I’m going to compile a set list of my favorite songs of the moment, and line or two from the lyrics. Give them a thorough listening if you have the time or don’t, I just love to share my music with people.

This is my current obsession, the Avett Brothers and their song “I and Love and You”

“When at first I learned to speak
I used all my words to fight
With him and her and you and me
Oh but its just a waste of time
Yeah its such a waste of time”

Rilo Kiley “Breaking Up” Not just because this song kind of resonates with me at the moment, I just love Jenny Lewis and the boys (another song by her will show up soon)

“It’s not as if New York City/Burnt down to the ground/Once you drove away/It’s not as if the sun won’t shine/When clouds up above/Wash the blues away”

Paolo Nutini “High Hopes” It’s hard to choose a Paolo Nutini song, I really like all of them…but this one really features the harmonica which I LOVE.

“So let us change what we can and
accept what we can’t
Impart some of the wisdom
from that tried and tested man
There’no harm in being wrong you know no,
in fact to me, it’s common ground – yeah”

Barenaked Ladies “You Run Away” Also hard to choose a BNL song. They are definitely my favorite band. But this is their new single and it’s about Steven Page leaving the band, or as ed said on Live with Regis and Kelly the other day, “It could be about anyone I’d been in a band with for 20 years” I still love you guys, and can’t wait for my new album to arrive on Monday (you hear that amazon? I want it on Monday!). The actual video (which is crazy cool) is on their official website.

“I tried to be your brother
You cried and ran for cover
I made a mess, who doesn’t
I did my best but it wasn’t enough”

Jenny Lewis “Acid Tongue” I told you there would be another one, and here it is. This is from her show in Houston last year, when she came out into the audience for an encore. And stood. Right. Next. To. Us. In this video we’re standing to the left of the person filming. 🙂 The crowd are jerks at the beginning but they settle down after a bit.

“So I found myself a sweetheart
With the softest of hands
We were unlucky in love
But I’d do it all again”

Damn, looks like part of this post got cut off, I’ll be back later to add to it.



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2 responses to “Good Friday and Music!

  1. zharleen

    ❤ these. 🙂

    That Rilo Kiley song always makes me wanna shower. Under The Blacklight was the shower CD in the house for awhile.

    I really should get into Paolo's second album more…

    Is that the video we're in?! I can't tell… Love that song, though, so much!

    • librariansti

      You really should get into it, it might be better than his first. They’re very different anyway.

      That’s our concert, but we’re standing just to the left of the camera person so you can’t see us at all.

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