Music Part 2

My computer blipped and several of my songs were not saved to the post so now we continue on!

Matt Nathanson “All We Are, We Are” If you haven’t heard of Matt Nathanson, you probably actually have and didn’t realize, and if you really haven’t that’s sad and you should fix that straight away. His music is beeeauuuutiful and sexy and sad, and he’s hilarious in concert and does funny little white-person-dancing. This is my favorite song of his.

And in the end the words won’t matter
‘Cause in the end nothing stays the same
And in the end dreams just scatter and fall like rain

‘Cause all we are we are
All we are we are
And every day is a start of something beautiful, something real”

The Arcade Fire “Intervention” Buh, this song is just so powerful. I love the organ and…everything

“Every spark of friendship and love
Will die without a home”

The Shins “Australia” I learned about The Shins along with most other people, in the Garden State soundtrack, but I didn’t completely get the allure of them until I heard this song. And poof- love.

“(Born to) Born to multiply,
Born to gaze into night skies,
When all you want’s one more Saturday.
Well look here, until then
They’re gonna buy your life’s time
So keep your wick in the air and your feet in the fetters
‘Till the day
We come in doing cartwheels
We all crawl out by ourselves
And your shape on the dance floor
Will have me thinking such filth and gouge my eyes.”

Josh Ritter “Kathleen” My roommate Holly, and I used to make ‘Prince Charming’ mix cds, full of songs our perfect guy would sing to us. Goofy, yes? We loved them, I still do. Anyway, I think all of have a song or two that say just the things that we want a boy (or girl!) to feel about us. This is that song for me, so if you find him, let him know! 😛

“all the other girls here are stars—you are the Northern Lights
they try to shine in through your curtains—you’re too close and too bright
they try and they try but everything that they do
is the ghost of a trace of a pale imitation of you”


“every heart is a package tangled up in knots someone else tied”

So. Those are some of my very most beloved songs. I hope you liked them. Can’t wait to see what you all did with this theme!

I’ll see y’all tomorrow!



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2 responses to “Music Part 2

  1. zharleen

    that’s a brilliant idea, the prince charming cds. gah, i miss mix cds/tapes. 🙂

  2. jess

    oh josh ritter, how i love thee. i miss you sti, so much.

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