BEDA #5-Sports and more

Well today’s theme is sports which I think is fitting, considering it is Opening Day of baseball season! I’ve always been a a fan of baseball movies and had been to a couple Houston Astros game when I was younger, but it wasn’t until I met my roommate Holly in college that I really got into the sport with any sort of enthusiasm.

Holly is from St. Louis, and thus a cradle-Cardinals fan (kinda like being a cradle-Catholic) and she passed that love onto me. This has made life a little difficult now that I live in Houston again, since the Astros are archrivals of the Cardinals.

This was my favorite player, So Taguchi (2002-2007) he was No. 99. I miss him…

In other news, tonight the Library Board is presenting in front of the City Council, so we’re trying to get a large group of people to show up in support of the library. Wish us luck!

Also, watched the newest episode of Doctor Who introducing Matt Smith as the Doctor and though I was hesitant,ย  my trust was not misplaced. It was awesome and I’m very very excited for the new series to get under way! ๐Ÿ™‚ And luckily Becky was online so we gushed about it for an hour? More? Time means nothing when I’m talking about Doctor Who and developing theories and being grateful for other fans!

All right gotta run! DFTBA BEDA-ers!!



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3 responses to “BEDA #5-Sports and more

  1. He he he, gushing is probably the right way to describe it ๐Ÿ™‚ Squee.

  2. Yay Cards! I too, blogged about them, lol. I did think it was funny that you said that the Astros were our arch rival, though….because to be fair, that spot belongs to the Cubs. The Astros are not our friends, though, that’s right. But the Cubs and us have been at each others throats for much, MUCH longer. But I love that you posted So as your Cardinal player…..awesome.

    • librariansti

      Maybe it’s more like the Cardinals are the Astros arch-nemesis and not the other way around. Because Astros fans don’t really care about the Cubs..not the way Cards fans do.

      Also, of course I put So as my favorite Cardinal!

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