BEDA #6 In which I get off topic easily

Okay, so today is supposed to be about my history of hairstyles. Originally I had planned to unearth some old pictures of my awful haircuts (and believe me, there were some awful ones), because thick wavy/curly hair is not always a blessing. Especially if your mom was raised with 3 brothers who hated having her own hair messed with as a little and thus made things easier on herself (and, ostensibly her daughter) by cutting  her hair Peter Pan short for most of her young life. So yes, there was short hair on this chubby tomboyish girl until she hit puberty– fun fun. Then there was a slew of awkward, okay-now-my-hair-is-long-and-poofy-what-do-I-do-with-it? hairstyles that once actually culminated in me chopping it all off again in 9th grade (by this time I had boobs so everyone knew I was a girl, luckily) and slowly grew it out again over my high school career. Basically lots of hair in my eyes in photos/class for a few years. College to now have actually been much better, as I’ve struck some sort of deal with my locks. I let them do as they wish- this mostly involves a good conditioner and a very little diffusing (it actually lets me straighten my bangs SOMETIMES!)- and in return it is curly and not too frizzy all the time.

I’m most happy with it.

At the beginning of this post I was going to apologize for not writing about hair, and then I went ahead and did it anyway. Can I also say that both of my sisters have beautiful hair that usually behaves when they want it to? Very annoying, but pretty to look at for sure. Ah well. They would say I got all the boobs and they’re jealous of that so I should shut it- so I will.

Look, I got distracted again. I was really going to not talk about hair and instead gush about this adorable and aptly named band I heard about today called Supercute! They were featured on today’s entry of the blog…%20Supercute!&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=VerticalResponse&utm_term=HTML%20Version%20-%20Image%20Link%201

Okay, now I’m going back to my book of the day:

Love this series, you should read it!

Ok, bye all! DFTBA!



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4 responses to “BEDA #6 In which I get off topic easily

  1. Some day we must hang out in person. I love your stream of consciousness blogs. Ask anyone, I’m like that all the time. Wait what was I talking about? 😉

    • librariansti

      Becky, I have a feeling a real life conversation with us would be hilariously off the wall, and I look forward to it happening!

  2. Haha, I guess the theme wasn’t so out there after all! You do owe us some photos now, though.

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