BEDA TILT #1 or Day 8 of BEDA

People (I was going to say guys, but that’s too gender specific, especially when I’m guessing my readership is like 99% ladies–shout out if I’m wrong!), did you know that when I was choosing this new template the sample theme had some sort of sport stadium as the banner image? I thought I would have to change the image once I loaded it- which is fine with me, that’s what I did on the last one- BUT when I chose it it put BOOKS as the banner image??? I don’t understand. Was it because of my blog’s title, which has in it both the word library and an allusion to a book? Who knows, all I’m sure of is I Love it. And if that isn’t a great intro for Things I Love Thursday (that’s TILT to you novices), I don’t know what is!

  • Bike rides: On my lunch break I went to my parents house and borrowed my dad’s bike and took a quick 15-20 minute bike ride around our ‘neighborhood’ (we don’t live in a subdivision, we’re out in the country so I’m not sure of the correct terminology…). It was glorious, cool, no clouds in the blue sky, and windy. Windy enough to make pedaling a challenge, a lovely challenge. Really looking forward to my bike!
  • Impromptu dinner plans: I emailed my mom to see if I could join them for dinner tonight before  a meeting at church, totally forgetting she’s in charge of the Spanish Honor Society induction tonight at the high school. So my sister, dad and I are going out for Mexican food instead (and we’ll pick her up a meal for afterward)! Mmmm, I may even get fried ice cream if there’s time…
  • Junior Catholic Daughters: We’ve got a meeting tonight and I’m excited to see the girls, mostly because they get so psyched about everything they want to do that they can’t follow Robert’s Rules of Order properly–such a refreshing change from Catholic Daughters meetings.

Going to finish this up when I get home later, these children are distracting!

Okay, it’s now 9:00 and I’m back! Dinner and meeting, both great. Was also asked if I wanted to be nominated for an officer position in the Senior Catholic Daughters court, which was very sweet, but I declined because I have no desire to make myself a crazy person at this early moment in my life. Onto more things I love:


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