Sunday afternoon wrap up

Wrapping up the week’s happenings. I think I’ve already talked about most things that have gone on this week, but I’ll try to find some new things we haven’t covered here.

Food: Ate at a place called Beaver’s yesterday with M and E after we spent too long reminiscing over lost pets to make it out to Spring for crawfish. The weather was lovely so we sat outside and ate some tasty food overlooking the restaurant’s very own herb and vegetable garden which we got to see a chef harvest from while we nommed.  Their queso was fantastic, real cheese!

Music/theater: Jana, Eric and I went and saw In the Heights at the Hobby Center. I’ve been looking forward to seeing this show for a while and I was not disappointed. So much heart and humor and passion and brightness.  Loved it.

Shows: Like I said Friday, watched the 100th episode of Bones and it broke my heart a little. We’re almost caught up on the current season Fringe and we just started season 2 of Chuck. One of my kids lent me her dvds of Moonlight because I let her borrow my season 2 of Doctor Who, but I have yet to dive into them. I watched the first several episodes when it was on tv and sort of liked it..

Books: I’m working on the newest Lauren Willig book, which is good so far but I’m not devouring it like her other ones. I love that each of her books get more and more complex- both the characters and the plots. If you are a fan of the book The Scarlet Pimpernel I suggest Willig’s first book in her series The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. They are a lot of fun.

I also need to get onto the reading of the graphic novels I have so I’m informed enough to vote in the meeting for the Maverick reading list! Actually, I think I’ll get on that tonight. Brilliant, plans made!

Coming up this week: Busy week, this, I’ve got the Texas Library Association Convention Wednesday-Friday in San Antonio which I’m really looking forward to, I even get to stay with my sister Katie! Hope I remember my laptop so I can blog while away!

Okay, talk to you tomorrow!



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4 responses to “Sunday afternoon wrap up

  1. Aww. I’m jealous. I think Maureen Johnson is supposed to be at TLA. Sadly, I am not in a state big enough to pull awesome authors like that. Have so much fun!

  2. Zharleen

    i’ve eaten at beaver’s — that place is awesome. went w/ a bunch of friends. they let me choose the place. my reason was/is completely ridiculous. the name of someone who works there is the same name as someone i have this ongoing cat & mouse game with. but the food was good, ha.

    and it wasn’t you who told me about in the heights, was it? i want to say someone else told me about it over the weekend, said that i would love it…

    • librariansti

      Did you try their queso? When we were there I saw Duran from PHS (he was a year younger than you I think) for the second time this month. Too weird.

  3. Autumn

    I am so glad you liked In the Heights. I finally saw it on Broadway this past fall. I love the soundtrack, an I wish I could have seen the original Usnavi.

    And I just added the first Willig book to my list. I had no clue they were tied to The Scarlet Pimpernel. I am a big fan of that (the book AND the musical).

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