BEDA 12- Monday Routine

Okay, so I feel I have 2 routines of a Monday–the ideal one and the actual one. Here is an ideal Monday in the Land of Sti:

6:30 – wake up without hitting the snooze button, brew coffee, and eat breakfast, let Rumples out for a run in her ball

7:00-7:30 work out

7:30-8:15 shower, get ready for work, make lunch

8:20- Commute to work listening to an audiobook

8:50-9:00 depending on traffic arrive at work

9:00-1:00 Work, get lots done

1:00-2:00 Eat lunch with Robin at the park or at home

2:00-3:45 Work some more/sit at juvenile reference desk

3:45-5:00 Hang out at the desk with my kiddos

5:00-6:00 Get more work done/juvenile reference desk

6:00-10:00 Eat dinner, watch How I Met Your Mother/Big Bang Theory/Castle with my family

10:00-10:30  Drive home, say hi to Rumples, set up coffee for the morning, read a bit and go to bed


How today has actually gone down:

7:30- finally stop hitting the snooze button and roll out of bed, make coffee,  eat last of cheerios, check email and facebook

8:15 realize I’m not dressed yet, scramble around getting dressed- do something to make my hair look manageable, scoot out the door

9:05 Arrive at work

9:05-1:00 Go to training for ebook/audiobook downloading software we’re getting, try not to daydream about more fun activities, check email and facebook, edit some reader advisory brochures, read blogs/webcomics, complain to sister about craving for chocolate chip cookies, make plans for lunch, answer reference questions

1:00-2:00 Run to HEB (grocery store) for chocolate chips, brown sugar, baking soda, sushi, and lunch for myself. Go home, start lunch, rescue Robin’s lost friend and lead her to our house, figure out that Robin left the flour out of the cookie dough which results in cookies being more like sugary chocolatey granola and cause a small flame in the oven, Burn tongue eating the ‘cookies’ with a spoon.

2:00-3:30 work on summer reading log, discuss tv shows with library director and assistant

3:30-5:10 Hang out/goof off when the jr. high kids show up. Read aloud from Hitchhiker’s Guide’s first pages. Inspire morbid poems. Let them watch Justin Bieber sketches from this weekend’s SNL.

5:10-6:00 Chat with Lisa, read books, read blogs, blog.

6:00 (this is me looking into the future now- since I don’t have a TARDIS…yet) Ride bikes with mom, eat stuffed bell peppers, watch aforementioned television

10:00 (or earlier if mom starts falling asleep) drive home, clean out Rumples’ cage, let her run, read some of Will Grayson, Will Grayson, start packing for TLA..


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  1. kmrq32

    Calvin and Hobbes = Best comic strip ever

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