BEDA 13 In which my job is awesome

So, Wednesday-Friday I’ll be at the Texas Library Association Conference in San Antonio (and yes Becky Maureen will be there! I’m really going to try to meet her!). I’m excited because last year was my first conference and it was a lot of fun. But I’m feeling a little trepidation because last year I either had my coworker Keith to walk around with or a troop of 12 teenagers to wrangle and this year I’ll sorta be on my own. Not that this is a bad thing, it’ll just be more lonely, until I start talking to random people of course.

Okay, now you’re wondering ‘what-for the title of your blog entry?’ aren’t you? Today, as we I do every Tuesday, I played video games with the junior high students who walk over when they’re dismissed. The game of the day was Rock Band which featured, several times, appearances by my band The Sti-rollers (sort of a combination of our names: Sti, Merritt and Rachel)

With special guest guitarist Clay

Clay also ehrmm graced us with his rendition of All American Rejects’ Dirty Little Secret which sometimes veered toward a William Shatner impression? But he ended it like the Rock Star that he is..with a dramatic exit!

After our dinner break (when we watched Chuck!) we had a TAG (Teen Advisory Group) meeting which consisted of me reminding the small group that was able to make it that we have the Friendswood is Great festival on Saturday and we’ll be handing out library info to the masses at the park. Then we went outside to play!

Jump shots!

I was trying to look shocked but she took the picture too fast!

Look at that concentration

Kaith aka Ninja Librarian

Getting ready to play zoo game!

Jeffrey is a treemonster

So cuuute and happy!

Basically my favorite picture ever!

Our serious faces

Okay, there a billion more pictures but I’ll spare you. You can check the library’s flicker site in a few days if you want to see more. 🙂

DFTBA! TLA tomorrow!



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2 responses to “BEDA 13 In which my job is awesome

  1. A-freaking-dorable! And still jealous.

  2. Autumn

    I really love that photo of you laughing close up in the grass.

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