BEDA Traveling

I think it’s totally fitting that the theme for today’s BEDA is travel becauuuuuse today I traveled! Yup, not a long drive, only 2.5 hours from Houston to San Antonio, but still actual traveling! I even stopped at a Buc-ees which makes it a legitimate road trip. For those of you not in know, Buc-ees is a chain of super posh gas stations in Texas (are they outside Texas? Not sure). They’re known for having the cleanest bathrooms, always a good thing to know when you’re pulling in for a pit stop.  They also sell lots of different things, Texas paraphernalia mostly, along with all the normal gas station-y snacks and bad-for-you goodness AND Buc-ees tshirts!

Don’t you want to put this on your baby?

My theory-granted I formed this theory right after I’d used their very excellent bathroom- on the Buc-ees love (you can also become a fan on facebook) is that we Texans have a very healthy respect for establishments that cater to our road warrior needs. A place that offers hot coffee and gas? Great. That place also has a clean bathroom? Even better, I really have to go! Clean bathrooms, lots of food AND souvenirs? Why yes, I do think I’d like a shirt, and some of that cheese dip too and ooh look at that wrought iron Texas shaped thingy I want that too! I mean, we live in a big, big state. When you drive into Texas from Louisiana and you see this sign:  You need to be reassured that someone is going to look out for you while you’re on the road. Also, their ad campaign is pretty effective.

Sorry to talk about a gas station this whole blog. I could write about travel adventures for hours but this was fresh in my mind and inspired this impassioned tangent. Besides that the weather was all gloomy gus, but it didn’t detract from the beautiful wildflowers along the highway…Wish I could have safely taken a picture but here’s one from google:

Imagine this but with barns!

Also at my committee meeting for the Maverick list we got CAPES!! Because, you know, we read comics/graphic novels?

And when walking along the Riverwalk we walked by the theater where they filmed the swimsuit/talent competition in Miss Congeniality. It’s really neat, the stage is on one side of the river and the seating is on the other.

Okay, that’s all for tonight. Except! I got to watch Glee tonight! And I like all of the new tensions they’ve added for this season and I can’t wait for the Madonna episode (and I’ve never been a big fan of Madonna!)

Night all! Tomorrow I will hopefully get to meet Maureen Johnson if it doesn’t conflict with my other duties….*fingers crossed*



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2 responses to “BEDA Traveling

  1. Leigh Anne

    Buc-ee’s is totally worthy of a blog! I didn’t feel like a complete Texan until I got my shirt.

  2. Zharleen

    I totally got me & my roommates Buc-ee’s jammies en route to San Antonio a couple of years ago. We wore them when we went to Australia, and they were hits! I think because they said “No worries!” on the back. 🙂

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