BEDA 20 Dreams

Hmmm, today’s theme is dreams. But I’m tired and also I rarely remember my dreams so I’m going to put up some songs that are about dreams or mention dreams. ‘Kay?

We start with the inimitable and fabulous and heartbreaking Patsy Cline (This is Jessica Lange playing her, but Patsy’s voice- you can’t fake that) “Sweet Dreams”:

A little Weezer(oh so nerdy) “Only in Dreams”:

Now my Barenaked Ladies wondering what a baby dreams about “When You Dream”:

Selena “Dreaming of You” this song still makes me cry, I remember the day we found she was killed. So upsetting. Do you non-Texans know Selena, besides the biopic starring Jennifer Lopez?

Okay I should not have listened to that whole song…*wipes away tears* *turns to the Cranberries*

The Cranberries “Dreams” I love that this song was in You’ve Got Mail, especially because it meant my mom had to stop hating on my love for the Cranberries!

The Beatles “I’ve Just Seen a Face” okay, the word dream is not in the title but he says “and I’ll dream of her tonight” and I love this song. I’m going to post the Across the Universe version because that’s where I heard it first (I know, sad) and it’s in a bowling alley! With dancing!

Okay, and last one Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band “Dream Big” This song is just so sweet and reminds me of Awakening, which makes me love it all the more:

Aw, they won’t let me embed it, but here’s the video:

What are your favorite songs that have dream in the title or lyrics?



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3 responses to “BEDA 20 Dreams

  1. Amber

    awww — Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band song came on my ipod and half way through I had to skip it. I was getting way too reminiscent while driving. It makes me think of Awakening too! 🙂

    ps, I’m obviously stalking your blog

  2. Zharleen

    I can’t listen to that whole Selena song, either, but mostly because Roxy was all in love w/ her while she was dating Manuel, haha.

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