BEDA Guilty Pleasures

If I’m not mistaken today’s theme is guilty pleasures. As I indulged in one of mine today, I think that’s pretty ideal. So, probably my biggest one is bras. Not gonna lie, these are very important and sometimes fun items in a woman’s wardrobe and often very necessary. But finding the right one is sometimes difficult so when I find a good one I’m willing to fork over more money than I would for most other things (that’s where the guilt comes in). Okay. Enough of that talk.

Hum, other guilty pleasures…..

  • honey on just about everything
  • more milk in my coffee than I’d admit to
  • the odd chick-lit/romance novel
  • vampire television shows that were featured on the Lifetime network
  • my Everclear/Eve6/Kids Folk music stations on Pandora
  • sitting around in my bathrobe until the last possible moment before getting ready

I’m sure there are a ton of others I just can’t think of them! Or maybe I just don’t feel guilty for them….


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One response to “BEDA Guilty Pleasures

  1. Zharleen

    – Every now & then, I’ll really get into a super-poppy pop song, ie; Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok.” Gah, I’m ashamed even typing that.
    – All things Twilight.
    – Having way too many shoes, clothes, & CDs than what is probably considered healthy.
    – Watching some episodes of NCIS for the sole purpose of gazing at Michael Weatherly.

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