BEDA 22 Things I love Thursday

Today has been less/more rough than yesterday. On Thursdays I take my lunch to my parents house and eat there. It was really tough knowing that Queenie wouldn’t be there waiting on the front porch when I drove into the driveway. Not gonna lie, there was some crying.  But I watched Monday’s episode of Castle and it distracted me…

But onto more cheerful things. Here are some things I love this (and every) Thursday:

  • Merritt: “Who’s Merrit, you ask? She’s my kid. Yup, when I was 10 I had Merritt. She’s the best person ever. Little did you know, we’re also sisters. *thumps heart twice*” Those are Merritt’s thought on the subject. But I do love her, even though we are in no way related.
  • Octopi: I love octopi (you can also say octopuses and it would be correct). My new friends Peach and Plum aside, I found this video today:
  • Bilson the Bison: He was found yesterday when we were cleaning my desk! He has returned from roaming the great plains that were the clutter on my desk. He was very charmed to meet Peach. They are hitting it off smashingly.

Merritt, Plum, Peach, and Bilson can you figure out who is who?

  • Shopping with my sister. Yup. I got gold glittery nail polish! And earrings and sunglasses! And clothes!
  • Feeling like a rock star: I’ve decided that if you ever want to feel like a rock star without selling out or dealing with paparazzi you should be a librarian that does story times at local preschools (or you could read to Merritt, she says “Whooo Sti! We love you!”), it’s awesome being hug-mobbed by 20 4 year olds after you’ve read to them. 🙂

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One response to “BEDA 22 Things I love Thursday

  1. Zharleen

    Re: rock star — That’s how I feel whenever I teach CCE. My past students line the halls waiting for their classes to start, and when I walk by, they freak out. “Can I carry your boxes for you, Miss Zharleen?” “Lemme open the door for you, Miss Zharleen.” “MISS ZHARLEEN, HI, MISS ZHARLEEN!!!” It. Is. AWESOME.

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