BEDA Fail!

Aw! I’d been doing so well! I hadn’t missed a single day so far this month and then yesterday was so busy and it was a really late night and I forgot to blogggg. Very upset with myself. Ah well. Moving on:

Weekend wrap up:

Sights: Met new people at a birthday party last night, lots of geeking out.

Sounds: downloaded the newest album by Pearl Jam, like a year late but whatever.

Smells: bacon cooking, new flowers, whiskey (I like the smell more than the taste- yick)

Tastes: lots of good food and beer. Helped out our annual crawfish festival- didn’t get any actual crawfish but the fried catfish and gumbo were tasty. Tonight E made lots of yummies for M’s birthday celebration including homemade chocolate cake and spinach-artichoke dip that were both to die for.

Okay, time to clean out the hamster cage and pass out. I am exhausted. Too many people this weekend!


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One response to “BEDA Fail!

  1. Nicola

    Aw so close! You did much better than the rest of us – I missed day 2!

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