Quick Friday Post

Okay, so I wrote this post last Friday and forgot to actually, you know, post it. So here I am, speaking to you from the past!

I don’t know how it was that I was always able to write during April, but in Maybe I can’t concentrate long enough to write an entire blog! Bizarre.

Just now I got distracted again. We’re getting things ready for summer here at the library and everything is happening this month. At least 4 important graduations (I can only go to 2), parties, at least 4 friends moving to new places (all of them closer to me, or at least only a little bit further down the street in some cases), baby dedications (is it like a baptism? I don’t understand non-catholic baby traditions..), and fun concerts! Though none of these things are happening to me directly (except the concert, I’m totally going to be there!) I can’t help but feel excited/overwhelmed/stressed for my friends who are experiencing them firsthand. Gotta love that overactive empathy! 🙂

Okay, got distracted again. Darn internet! But it took up the 10 minutes before lunch and now I get to eat! I have the Hunger!!!!

Will try to update more soon. Promise.


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One response to “Quick Friday Post

  1. Zharleen

    I am writing this on a break from packing. Empty bookshelves depress me. And it’s overwhelming how many letters, notes, journals, photos I’ve saved. I’ve thrown out a bunch of stuff, too. Goodness. Back to the grind…

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