Things I love Thursday

Well let’s start with things I don’t love: losing the awesome Rue McClanahan, the devastation in the gulf, people who are rude to my coworkers, my windows being open a smidge during yesterday’s all-day rain storm

Okay and onto things I do love:

Serena Ryder:

Summer seasons starting up! I love tv and I love that there are now awesome shows on during the summer, mostly on USA but still. Excitement!

Spending the weekend with my sisters! As I’m sure you know (because I’ve been talking about it for a while) the Barenaked Ladies performed in Austin on Memorial Day so I got to see them for the 3rd time, this time with my lovely sisters. We also floated the Comal river, ate good food, and went thrifting/antiquing. It was great, and I spent lots of money on really awesome things (2 purple velvet rococo chairs, cowboy boots, 60s dresses etc.) and we also got to see our friend Julia while we there. πŸ™‚

Overcoming phobias. Okay, this was never technically a phobia, but I always assumed I would dislike snakes, but today our program at the library was Snakes Alive! Which means one our local science teachers brings in her 2 pet snakes (and her Madagascar hissing cockroaches) for a show and tell. It’s a crazy popular program (172 people at the first program and 102 at the second) and I got to sit in this year and I held both snakes! Samson the Colorado Coral really liked me, probably because I was warm, and I wore him as a real life boa πŸ™‚ Pictures to come!

Musicals. Jana, Eric and I are going to see Young Frankenstein this weekend, I’m interested to see how it plays out as a musical and wondering if I need to rewatch the movie or if that would just highlight the inevitable differences…

Okay, somehow the evening disappeared while I was reading and I need to clean out Rumples’ cage before I get ready for bed so night all!



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  1. zharleen

    I floated the Comal & met up w/ Julia a couple of weeks ago! I didn’t get to go thrifting, though. 😦

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