*Glances over* *approaches keyboard*

Oh, hello there blog! I really didn’t forget that you were here, I just haven’t had a chance to visit lately!

Things have been really busy here at work and things at home, but that’s no excuse, I know. You mean more to me than that and I know you’re always interested in what’s going on in my life. I’ll try to do better, honest.

Let’s see, it’s summer. I’m sure even you could feel the 92 degree/50% humidity (well that’s it is at this moment anyway) heat outside. Sometimes this heat is a welcome thing, other times notsomuch, but as long as there is water and sunblock I try to be agreeable about it.

Well, we had our bazaar at St. Helen’s this weekend. You know what that means: funnel cake/cake/brisket/beer/egg rolls/bingo/hard lemonade/hamburgers/heat/friends/priests in plain clothes/auction/sweating Yay!

Ended up only working one booth this year. This one:

A few more things I’ve been up to/hanging out with:

"New" chairs!

Patagonian Cavy


I’m very behind on Doctor Who and tonight I’m going to see “Menopause: the Musical” with my mom and her friends…also saw Young Frankenstein the musical, it was awesome! What else…the teens in the reading club have read almost 800 hours! I got to see the Barenaked Ladies again. I baked several batches of cookies. I’ve gone on bike rides. Floated a river. And. Other stuff. I’m sure.

Now, don’t be afraid blog, I’ll be back soon but right now I have to leave because I’m hungry and have to use the Necessary.


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One response to “*Glances over* *approaches keyboard*

  1. zharleen

    I ❤ the bazaar. 🙂

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