Thanks for not making me repeat myself

As you probably know because you follow my facebook and twitter updates assiduously,* I am back in Texas after what feels like the longest, least relaxing vacation imaginable. To me anyway. Now, I know that there are many worse ways to spend a vacation, and I know that there are so many people out there with truly horrendous and cruel and mean/evil/hurtful/dysfunctional/abusive family members. And I know that I am truly lucky not to have had a really bad vacation with a really awful family member. But, on the whole, ย it was still very nonefun.

I’m not going to spend this whole entry recounting how much my grandmother drives me crazy, because whenever I do I feel like a jerk (but she does- drive me crazy that is). Suffice it to say, this is how I felt most of the time:

When I sent this to my sisters they knew what I was feeling

But on the bright side we did a few fun things like antique and jewelry shopping, a very little bit of hiking (would’ve been rude to do more with an 82 year old woman who uses a cane…),ย 

Ate lots of good food in dark places:

Fantastic lunch at Calypso Cafe in Nashville

seeing musicals and steel drum bands,

Seriously. Steel Drums played by middle aged white men!

seeing fireflies (no pictures, took some video though, will hopefully have that in a week or two), and Queen Anne’s Lace (does anyone know why this doesn’t grow along Texas highways? We have so many other wildflowers…)

and wine drinking, and reading my entire Georgette Heyer book (Sprig Muslin= HILarious! Read it.) with this lady:And lots of barns

I heart barns

So that a lot of the time I actually looked like this:

Well, except for when I was driving up and down mountains (did you know that it’s very flat where I’m from?)

Definitely not Houston

Besides my grandmother, the most trying thing I found about this vacation was the never being alone (my mom and I shared a room). When I mentioned this on twitter Holly sympathized that I was her little introvert or something and says she never wants to be alone. Just the thought of that makes me exhausted! I’m definitely half extrovert and half introvert. That probably explains why I had dinner with my dad and sister, and then drinks with M, E, and Bonnie last night

But why I am, as of 3:00ish today, still in my pjs relishing my solitude…How do you guys unwind after vacation?

3 Generations of Crazy ๐Ÿ™‚

*Don’t you always want to high five yourself when you use awesome words? I do.


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One response to “Thanks for not making me repeat myself

  1. zharleen

    I do always want to high-five myself when I use awesome words. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My post-vacation unwinding method is to do all the dirty laundry from vacation. Feels like I’m washing away & smoothing out any problems I’ve got going on.

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