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It’s coming to a close

So today was our last official* summer program at the library, and if I may say so, we ended with a bang. Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat came to take pictures with the kiddos (and librarians)

We're so cute

Or goofy?

Also, today the teens reached their 5,000 hour-mark which means on Saturday I am getting purple streaks in my hair!

The summer has gone really quickly and I’m a little sad that August will be a little slow. Though I am first going on vacation so it won’t seem slow…Also! July is almost over so I (and Autumn) can eat desserts again! I’m totally psyched. At midnight my sister and I are going to either do Tim Tam Slams** or have ice cream sundaes. Or…both? Lisa votes for both. What do you think?

And now. Off for dinner with Jen! Huzzah!

*I say official because I have a party tomorrow night for my 8-10 year olds and one on Saturday night for th 11-14 year olds…

**edited Autumn pointed out that she didn’t know what a Tim Tam slam is, basically it’s the best cookie to ever come out of Australia (besides the Anzac cookie…). Here’s a video explaining a Tim Tam Slam:  


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Word nerds!

So the editors of Merriam-Webster are starting a new youtube series called Ask the Editor! Ahhh geek out!

This is the first I’ve noticed, thanks to Boing-boing!

Definitely subscribed!

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Happy Find

When I was working at my local library in high school,  I found all sorts of great, older, more obscure (or so I thought) books to read. While this is still the case, the discoveries that I made as a shelver felt so much serendipitous that they do now that I’m responsible for ordering a portion of our collection. Anyhow, there has always been one book in particular that I felt was an extra special find. Long after I read it, I found out that it had been a best seller in it’s time and had even been made into a movie. But when I found it while shelving I had no idea, to me it was just a slightly ugly spine– remember the old library bindings? This one was one of the orange ones with the cover of the paperback edition pasted on. As a whole, this book was ugly as sin, but I fell in love with that pasted on photo. So much so that I scanned it and pasted the scan into one of the notebook/journal my best friend E and I swapped throughout high school. So much so that I pathologically look for the book every time I’m in a used book store (there’s always a copy there, but never the one I needed). So much so that I’ve even entertained the idea of checking the original copy out of that library and never returning it!

But today, as E and I were shopping at Half Price books. After finding a ton of old school Georgette Heyers,

I wandered over to where this book is shelved. Not actually believing the right copy would be there. Sure enough there was a copy, but it wasn’t going to be my copy. Sighing I slid it off the shelf and glanced at the cover. And my heart literally (okay maybe not *literally* but it felt like it) leapt in my chest. It was my cover!

I hope I haven’t built up anyone’s idea of what this was going to be. It’s just a photo of a guy and a girl making goofy faces at each other. But I loved it so much, still do. And that price sticker? Yeah, it says $1.00!

Plus it’s way better than this one:

Anyway, the book is (obviously) called Red Sky at Morning by Richard Bradford.  It’s utterly hilarious and witty and heartbreaking and real. But I’d need to reread it (which I will be doing) to give you a really accurate summary of it.

Well, I just wanted to share with you all that today I am the happiest girl of all the girls. 🙂

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I write like

Leigh Anne did it. Then Ruthie did it. So of course *I* did it. And I was most pleased with the outcome!  I got David Foster Wallace (I tried to paste the code for the badge here, but it wouldn’t work)! I think it may have something to do with my love of commas and run-on sentences…see, Mrs.8th-grade-English-teacher-who-was-gone-most-of-the-year-on-maternity-leave-so-I-don’t-remember-your-name run-ons aren’t *always* bad!
Okay, it’s 6:00, my work day of making ice cream is over and soon I shall see friends at the Stag’s Head pub! Woot and Huzzah!

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I’m with Autumn

So Autumn posted a blog last night about her July challenge and I think I shall join her! Her challenge is to lay off the sweets for a month. She’s allowing herself 2 exceptions so I will too. The first one will be on Sunday because Robin is making a pie. The other will have to be really good. And then I will pig out in Cape May in August 🙂

Bye bye sweets! Ooh, this is a like a mini-Lent! I like a challenge, I think it might be interesting to do a vegetarian month/week too. To sort of get out of food ruts or whatever. Okay, will stop thinking about food now.

Except to say that I made a Thai beef curry last night.

It’s okay. I wish it was spicier and I wish I’d added fewer noodles because it is definitely noodle heavy and that takes away from the curry-ness in my opinion. But it was my first attempt at Thai curry so I’m pretty proud of myself for deciding last minute to do it (there was a cookbook on Thai curries in the donation pile as I was leaving work). Also, the recipe made so much (and it didn’t even occur to me to half it) that there were 5 (5!) tupperware containers-worth leftover. So I’m set for lunch for a while!

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