Happy Find

When I was working at my local library in high school,  I found all sorts of great, older, more obscure (or so I thought) books to read. While this is still the case, the discoveries that I made as a shelver felt so much serendipitous that they do now that I’m responsible for ordering a portion of our collection. Anyhow, there has always been one book in particular that I felt was an extra special find. Long after I read it, I found out that it had been a best seller in it’s time and had even been made into a movie. But when I found it while shelving I had no idea, to me it was just a slightly ugly spine– remember the old library bindings? This one was one of the orange ones with the cover of the paperback edition pasted on. As a whole, this book was ugly as sin, but I fell in love with that pasted on photo. So much so that I scanned it and pasted the scan into one of the notebook/journal my best friend E and I swapped throughout high school. So much so that I pathologically look for the book every time I’m in a used book store (there’s always a copy there, but never the one I needed). So much so that I’ve even entertained the idea of checking the original copy out of that library and never returning it!

But today, as E and I were shopping at Half Price books. After finding a ton of old school Georgette Heyers,

I wandered over to where this book is shelved. Not actually believing the right copy would be there. Sure enough there was a copy, but it wasn’t going to be my copy. Sighing I slid it off the shelf and glanced at the cover. And my heart literally (okay maybe not *literally* but it felt like it) leapt in my chest. It was my cover!

I hope I haven’t built up anyone’s idea of what this was going to be. It’s just a photo of a guy and a girl making goofy faces at each other. But I loved it so much, still do. And that price sticker? Yeah, it says $1.00!

Plus it’s way better than this one:

Anyway, the book is (obviously) called Red Sky at Morning by Richard Bradford.  It’s utterly hilarious and witty and heartbreaking and real. But I’d need to reread it (which I will be doing) to give you a really accurate summary of it.

Well, I just wanted to share with you all that today I am the happiest girl of all the girls. 🙂


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  1. Autumn

    Yay! That must have been really exciting. What a great feeling to find something you’ve wanted for so long. Gotta love the books you can happen upon shelving in the stacks.

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