It’s coming to a close

So today was our last official* summer program at the library, and if I may say so, we ended with a bang. Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat came to take pictures with the kiddos (and librarians)

We're so cute

Or goofy?

Also, today the teens reached their 5,000 hour-mark which means on Saturday I am getting purple streaks in my hair!

The summer has gone really quickly and I’m a little sad that August will be a little slow. Though I am first going on vacation so it won’t seem slow…Also! July is almost over so I (and Autumn) can eat desserts again! I’m totally psyched. At midnight my sister and I are going to either do Tim Tam Slams** or have ice cream sundaes. Or…both? Lisa votes for both. What do you think?

And now. Off for dinner with Jen! Huzzah!

*I say official because I have a party tomorrow night for my 8-10 year olds and one on Saturday night for th 11-14 year olds…

**edited Autumn pointed out that she didn’t know what a Tim Tam slam is, basically it’s the best cookie to ever come out of Australia (besides the Anzac cookie…). Here’s a video explaining a Tim Tam Slam:  



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3 responses to “It’s coming to a close

  1. Autumn

    Yay for kids reaching their reading goals. We made a second goal for ours because they reached the first a couple of weeks ago.

    And before I can judge on the dessert thing, I have to know what a tim tam slam is. I’ve never heard of it.

  2. Um, why does Curious George have his hand on your posterior? Cheeky monkey!

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