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Ahh exercise

At 6:00 it was only 89-92 degrees here, and the sun was setting on a gorgeous day*, so I took my bike** out for a nice long, leaisurely ride. It was lovely, but-as with any sort of exercise-I returned home with a headache and  my little round face looking something like a cherry tomato.

Though I now appreciate the far more positive results of exercise- more energy, endorphins, clothes fitting better etc., my fair skin and propensity for migraines make me a little sensitive to these negative results. And they always make me think of the weird thought process I had as a chubby kid that kept me from being more active. For some reason, I thought that since my body reacted negatively to being hot and sweaty it was telling me not to get hot and sweaty. None of the other kids seemed to get awful headaches after running around, it must be a sign! So instead of building up endurance, I usually eschewed all types of physical activity…Luckily I’ve moved beyond that..mostly.

And E and I were just rejoicing that walking weather will be returning soon,*** so I’m looking forward to more walking–my favorite (besides bike rides, yoga, and swimming) form of exercise…Maybe favorite isn’t the best word, most frequent is more like it. Wish I did yoga/went swimming more often…

Wow, isn’t reading a blog about exercising boring? Wishing I could watch the Emmy’s but no tv. Maybe I’ll catch up on Psych…

*most of which I’d spent inside…

**I don’t think I’ve ever told you my bike’s name. It’s The Viscount.

***while we were on a walk, natch

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Birthday List

It’s not that time again, don’t worry! But I was looking at Holly’s wishlists deciding what to get her for her birthday on the 30th and I started thinking of things I want for my birthday/Christmas/Indian Independence Day/etc.

So here’s this year’s list:

Aaaand that’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure I’ll be back though!

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Hanging with the Folloders

Kat, Clay and baby Jemma- or as I like to call them Squishy Bunny, Guido, and Jems/Moushka/Jamme-Lou are some of my favorite people, and I rarely get to see them because our schedules rarely overlap. However, Kat and I have big plans to have a girls craft night in September!

Anyway, I got to see them yesterday as Kat was cleaning out and rearranging their guest room to make it a work room, so I got some cute pics of Jemma playing with ribbons and boxes. Brace yourself for baby pictures…..

Why are you kicking yourself, Jemma? Huh? Huh?

Jems likes to ACCESSORIZE!

She pushed this box all around the house..

Okay, that’s all for tonight!

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Vacation Part #2 The Ranch

Listening to a podcast about Oscar Wilde by the Katie and Sarah at Stuff You Missed in History on How Stuff Works and I thought I’d talk briefly about my second vacation.

Spent the weekend at the Ranch (my friend Ruthie’s family’s ranch outside of Brenham, Tx where they make the amazing Blue Bell ice cream–Mmmmm), with the Cholulas. Much fun, nice and relaxing, not as much carousing as in the past, which was probably a good idea considering we all had to be at work on Monday. There were 4 dogs, night swimming, sweet tea vodka, brownies, guacamole, Balderdash, and shooting stars (which now I realize were precursors to the Perseid meteor shower- which I ALWAYS MISS!

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Summer Vacations Part 1: Cape May, NJ

I hate when vacations are over and all you can think is, ‘when can I take off from work again?’ It’s like the mornings when I was sick with mono (but didn’t know it) in college and would calculate how long it would be until I could go back to sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I am frequently obnoxious about how much I love my job. But I also love vacations with friends (also family, but that wasn’t the case this time around)!

For years and years I have been hearing stories about Cape May– the almost-mythical seaside town where M’s family has vacationed for the past 45 years (wow, right?). And for the past few years I’ve been told I need to come. But my summer schedule being what it is, I haven’t been able to work my programs around it. Luckily M took the Texas bar Exam this summer so the family pushed Cape May Time to the first week of August which coincides with the end of my programming, so I could come!

I did not take my digital camera with me because I wanted to try out my new holga, so I don’t really have any photos of my time there until they are developed. So I’m going to try and paint you some pictures with words, instead.

Cape May wasn’t what I was expecting, sorry but I wasn’t expecting New Jersey to be green! I know that means I was stereotyping an entire state, but most of the people I’ve met outside of Texas seem shocked I don’t have a thick twang or giant belt buckle with my name on it, so I’d say we’re even. 🙂

Cape May wasn’t anything like the Jersey Shore, either, thank goodness. It’s an adorable family friendly touristy town filled with painted ladies from the 1800s. The house we stayed in was a gorgeous 3 story Victorian with 3 porches and only 3 bathrooms which worked out okay even when there were 35 or so people using them!

On Sunday, after flying from Houston to Orlando to Philadelphia, I took the train to Atlantic City where Jeff (M’s dad) and E picked me up. After getting to the house, we immediately headed out to the beach, passing all of the Boys on the way (Pretty much everyone anyone knows is invited/comes to Cape May, this includes M’s fraternity brother/friends from UPenn). Jeff made Peasant Pasta for everyone for dinner, the Boys and Katie had to leave to go back to real life, and I got to meet the rest of the family/reunite with those I’d met at E & M’s wedding, and relax on the front porch people watching and chatting.

Monday E prepared chili in the morning and we spent the rest of the day on the beach, assiduously reapplying sunblock, reading our book club book (Zeitoun by Dave Eggers- so good!), swimming, eating hot dogs, cooing over the adorable baby sleeping in the sand, and dolphin watching! After dinner (my memory is already getting hazy here) I bought a Cape May hoodie for the chilly nights and later in the evening we went for a walk to the end of the boardwalk and onto the beach where we scared some crabs and saw 3 shooting stars.

Tuesday was more beach time, Cabana’s bar, excellent pizza, fish night where I ate crab straight from the shell for the first time ever and scallops and some other fish dish that had me staring off into middle distance with a ‘beatific’ (someone else’s description, not mine) expression on my face while Rod Stewart sang Amazing Grace (literally, it was playing on an ipod). Then we looked through old family photos and much later went to Martini Bar with Jeff and Mary for martini’s and heavy conversation about feminism and the hook up culture.

Wednesday was a sad day, since we knew we were leaving before everyone else (E had already missed the first 3 days of school). We went for a walk that ended in coffee and pastries and did a bit of looking around some shops. Packed, drove to Philly, ate surprisingly good Mexican food at their airport, and finished Zeitoun on the flight back…
So there’s my brief (ha!) recap of Cape May, when I have time/money I’ll be trying to post my holga pictures, if they come out well at least!


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