Ahh exercise

At 6:00 it was only 89-92 degrees here, and the sun was setting on a gorgeous day*, so I took my bike** out for a nice long, leaisurely ride. It was lovely, but-as with any sort of exercise-I returned home with a headache and  my little round face looking something like a cherry tomato.

Though I now appreciate the far more positive results of exercise- more energy, endorphins, clothes fitting better etc., my fair skin and propensity for migraines make me a little sensitive to these negative results. And they always make me think of the weird thought process I had as a chubby kid that kept me from being more active. For some reason, I thought that since my body reacted negatively to being hot and sweaty it was telling me not to get hot and sweaty. None of the other kids seemed to get awful headaches after running around, it must be a sign! So instead of building up endurance, I usually eschewed all types of physical activity…Luckily I’ve moved beyond that..mostly.

And E and I were just rejoicing that walking weather will be returning soon,*** so I’m looking forward to more walking–my favorite (besides bike rides, yoga, and swimming) form of exercise…Maybe favorite isn’t the best word, most frequent is more like it. Wish I did yoga/went swimming more often…

Wow, isn’t reading a blog about exercising boring? Wishing I could watch the Emmy’s but no tv. Maybe I’ll catch up on Psych…

*most of which I’d spent inside…

**I don’t think I’ve ever told you my bike’s name. It’s The Viscount.

***while we were on a walk, natch


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