People I Lauve Tuesdays

It was on a rainy weekend our first semester of college. We* had been cooped up in our dorm room, attempting to study for midterms, when the stir-craziness hit. Somehow (I can’t exactly recall now) it spilled over into the next room and pulled in another person from down the hall.

Katie was in my European history class but, since I rarely talked to people who were actually in my classes, we weren’t really friends (she did see me open up a memorable ‘letter’ from my friend Nick, which consisted of a large piece of paper with the message spray painted onto it) and her roommate Nicole went to church with Holly but they weren’t good friends yet. Kat lived down the hall and had become our friend when she saw the map of Great Britain on our wall, walked into our room, climbed onto my bed and pointed out where she had been born in Scotland.

That day though, the 5 of us became inseparable. We laughed too loudly, gave each other goofy nicknames, ran around the halls, came up with silly inside jokes (one of which is mentioned in the title of this blog) etc.

Sadly at the end of the year, Nicole wasn’t able to return to TCU. It was really depressing, but we shouldered on and stayed in touch (not as good as we could have, but still). Now we’re all college graduates living awesome lives (if I do say so myself), which is still a weird thing to think about.

And a few months ago we all received invitations to Nicole’s wedding in Fort Worth. Holly couldn’t come (stupid money!), but Katie was able to cash in her airline miles, and get a discount on a fancy hotel room from a cousin so she was my date and a surprise for Nicole (there was squealing when she saw us at the rehearsal dinner). Kat and Clay and baby Jemma were also able to come and met us at the wedding which was beautiful, though outside, and therefore kinda hot. Nicole and Colin (that’s the groom’s name)’s dog Traveler was the Ring Bearer (SO CUTE). The bridesmaids dresses were delicious and there was a string quartet!

The reception was on the roof of a very fancy/famous restaurant in downtown Fort Worth called the Reata (it’s based on the ranch from the movie Giant)

Can you blame them?

It was gorgeous, there was great food, an open bar (yay champagne!), dancing and a cute ginger waiter who flirted with me. Here are a few pics to reward you for reading so far into this post! 🙂

I'm early 60s, Katie is the 70s

Kootie and Kitty

Nicole was gorgeous

Jems brought the cute

Clairee, Truvy, & Ouisa (not pictured but missed Mlynn)

The only way it could’ve been a better weekend would be if Holly had been there…sadface. BUT I shall see her for my BIRTHDAY!!! And that’ll be a whole other photo-saturated post!

*my roommate Holly and I


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