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Birthukkah 2010

I’m sure everyone reading this knows something about the way that I celebrate the anniversary of my birth, basically for as long as possible. And I call it Birthukkah (get it, ‘instead of one day of presents, we get 8 crazy nights!’).

It started my sophomore year of college when I couldn’t get all of my friends together on my actual birthday (some of my friends don’t mesh that well anyway, though they are all lovely people whom I cherish!) so I told people that were stressing about it that I was happy to celebrate my birthday all weekend/week like for Hanukkah. And thus Birthukkah was born. As the years have proceeded things have gotten more and more ridiculous. Now you can participate on facebook as well as in real life.  This year was no different, here’s a run down of the real life shenanigans that Birthukkah entailed in real life.

Friday Nov 12: How Well Do You Know Sti? quiz for my YA program (hilarious!), drive to Austin spend night with friends Isaac and Laura

Saturday Nov. 13: Maverick Committe meeting (talking about comics for 5 1/2 hours? Yes please!), Austin Comicon where I took pictures with 2 versions of the Doctor :), dinner and drinks with Katie, Sister tattoos, seeing Julia

Sunday Nov. 14: Brunch and antiquing at Red Rooster Cafe, see the Dolly Parton musical 9to5 with Bob and Bagel

Monday Nov. 15: Visit future living possibilities with future roommate Bonnie, dinner at Le Madeleine, my Doctor Who season 5 arrived in the mail!

Tuesday Nov. 16: Awesome Movie Makers workshop w/kiddos

Wed. Nov 17: I don’t remember but I’m sure it was awesome.

Thurs. Nov 18: Spent evening/night with my parents

Fri. Nov 19: eeeeeearly flight to STL, used book store finds, watching Lie to Me which has my husband (Brendan Hines) in it, had tasty fried chicken with vodka sauce and biscuits, started Doctor Who season 5 with Holly

Sat. Nov 20: Aimee B’s!, Old Town!, bought lots of rings, hot chocolate, learning to knit, seeing (and loving) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1

Sun. Nov 21: Church and meeting all the people Holly talks about, yummy thai lunch, pumpkin cheesecake concrete at Fritz’s, hearing Walking in Memphis right after talking about it!, more Doctor Who, being picked by mom at the airport

Mon. Nov 22: pumpkin pancakes, grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, sole meuniere (aka my newest favorite fish dish..YUMMMM), crave cupcakes, watched Walking Dead

Tues Nov. 23: Kootie’s birthday, black clutch from Kootie, brownies and other gifts from my kids, 2 hours of Lego Rock Band (our band is called Children of the Power), seeing my grandma and uncle after work.


And now on to Thanksgiving!


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A beautiful wedding

Maybe I want to get married on my birthday…one day…Anyway, that’s what Neil Gaiman did, Amanda Palmer his fiance planned a flashmob wedding on the streets of New Orleans for his 50th birthday. How cool is that?

Here’s an account of the entire thing on Amanda’s blog:

And the beautiful wedding album put together by Kyle Cassidy and Olga Nunes:

My favorite part are the vows that Jason Webley says:

“Friends, family, complete strangers; we
are gathered here today on the 10th day of November in
the year 2010 to celebrate the union of this Man and his
statue Bride.

Do you, a man of flesh and blood, take this statue of
stone, metal, wood or plastic to love and to cherish, to
worship and protect, and to honor until death, erosion
or act of vandalism do you part?

And do you, a statue, take this unlikely but magnificent
amalgamation of tissue, blood and bone to honor and
protect, to love and cherish until death, erosion of act
of vandalism do you part?

By whatever powers might be vested in me by any governing
bodies or deities, living dying or dead, I declare
you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Beautiful. I teared up during the video.

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Too much to talk about

The most difficult part of coming back to a blog after a month (or more) of absence is deciding what to talk about. Should I go back and fill everyone in on the awesome and horrific things that have happened? Or should I just talk about the most recent? Should I be vague and make a list or write long specific paragraphs?

So hard.


Spent the weekend in Austin. Ostensibly for the meeting of a committee I’m on for the Texas Library Association (the Maverick committee that compiles a list of great graphic novels) but also a great excuse to see my sisters and old friends and go to the Austin comicon and buy jewelry and get tattoos. Just lots of good stuff. Never mind that some uncomfortable drama has come out of it, it was a good weekend.

It also marked the first weekend of Birthukkah 2010!

Tonight I’ll be looking at a few future living possibilities with my Roommate-to-be Bonnie.

Friday I’ll be flying to St. Louis to see my Roommate-that-was Holly, her husband, and all that adopted family. AND HARRY POTTER!


So this is what I decided to write for my return. Hopefully I’ll be back soon!

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