Too much to talk about

The most difficult part of coming back to a blog after a month (or more) of absence is deciding what to talk about. Should I go back and fill everyone in on the awesome and horrific things that have happened? Or should I just talk about the most recent? Should I be vague and make a list or write long specific paragraphs?

So hard.


Spent the weekend in Austin. Ostensibly for the meeting of a committee I’m on for the Texas Library Association (the Maverick committee that compiles a list of great graphic novels) but also a great excuse to see my sisters and old friends and go to the Austin comicon and buy jewelry and get tattoos. Just lots of good stuff. Never mind that some uncomfortable drama has come out of it, it was a good weekend.

It also marked the first weekend of Birthukkah 2010!

Tonight I’ll be looking at a few future living possibilities with my Roommate-to-be Bonnie.

Friday I’ll be flying to St. Louis to see my Roommate-that-was Holly, her husband, and all that adopted family. AND HARRY POTTER!


So this is what I decided to write for my return. Hopefully I’ll be back soon!


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