B3DA Day 2- A Haiku

I know this is late
But it’s been a busy day
You’ll find out tomorrow



4 am, a leak
Dripping water from upstairs.
Luckily, it stopped.


Too humid outside.
Off to the gym I fled.
Still not a good run.


Savored deli food:
Bagels, omelette, and house fries.
Great friends, and good food.


Goodwill and then Lowe’s
Sunglasses and pretty plants.
Felt so productive!

The Night

Sister came to town,
Dinner at Laurenzo’s, YUM!
Drinks at ‘Volcano.


~~~~Jane Austen Challenge Day 2~~~~

Favorite Austen Man

This is a tough one. Really, but the guy I’d want to be with in real life is:

Henry Tilney

Dramatic/brooding guy I love in theory:

Captain Wentworth

But truthfully, any guy. Any guy.  So don’t be too angry if my choices don’t jive with yours! 🙂

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