B3DA Day 3- Crushes!

Oh yay, one of my favorite subjects! I love hypothetical crushes. Do you ever get a crush on someone that you just can’t explain? I do, most of the time I can make sense of it but a lot of the time people just look at me like I’m crazy. I don’t blame them, I think it’s crazy too. Here are a few of my more confusing objects of affection. Now,keep in mind some of these aren’t sexual crushes at all, I just feel drawn to these people’s faces or voices or something indefinable. And someone else must find them appealing too, because they consistently get cast in things and/or are successful enough that I see them a lot.

  • James Patterson- I’ve worked in public libraries since 2001, this means I’ve seen and shelved about a 100 different James Patterson titles, and he has a different author photo in each. And there’s just something about this guy’s weather beaten face that strikes a chord with me. I have no desire to read his books (even his YA books don’t really appeal too much) but I always check out his photos and grin.

Do you see it?

  • Pete Hornberger from 30 Rock- he’s a reluctant father to a brood of seemingly horrific children and a distant husband, he’s balding and has a cro magnon brow line, but I just want to hug him.

Can you explain it to me?

  • Tyler Labine- he usually plays a wisecracking jerk but I love him and I watch just about everything he’s done..also he’s Canadian. And he makes his new show ‘Crazy Love’ worth watching.

Big cuddly, obnoxious teddy bear

  • Nina Sharp from Fringe- In the first few seasons of Fringe, we weren’t sure if Nina was the enemy  or not, but from the very first episode she was in I had a girl crush on her. Is it her awesome red hair? Her all black wardrobe? Her position of power and intelligence?Her bionic hand (it might have a lot to do with her bionic hand)? Who knows, she’s just awesome.


Arghh, the end of this post got not-saved. And there was this adorable stuff about my favorite Jane Austen book at the end.

This is how I feel:

Le Sigh

But here’s a hint as to my favorite Austen book:



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4 responses to “B3DA Day 3- Crushes!

  1. Agree times a MILLION on Pete Hornberger. He is totally adorable!

  2. Autumn

    I agree with you on Peter Horberger definitely!! He is adorable, and when I am older, I want to have a balding, middle-aged husband just like him.

    • librariansti

      Yay! I’d like my husband to be less afraid of the kids and/or not hide out at work all the time though… 🙂

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