B3DA Day 5: If I Won the Lottery

This is such a good topic! I can’t wait to see what everyone else writes, I know I’ll be adding some of yours to my list, but I swear I won’t pull an Edward Norton from The Italian Job!

These guys know what I'm talkin' about

Okay, so a few things I would do if I hit it big in the Texas Lotto:

  • Pay off my student loans
  • Only work part time
  • Buy my parents a big place in the country
  • Set up college fund accounts for the children of my closest friends
  • Travel. A lot.
  • Buy property with more than one old barn on it.
  • Build a library in said barn
  • Set up a scholarship fund at TCU and/or UNT for students who want to become librarians
  • Buy Wonder Woman chucks

Okay, my battery is about to die so that’s it for tonight, I’ll edit in the morning to add more to the list and today’s Jane Austen bit!


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

5. Favorite moment in a book.


I’d have to say my favorite moment in a book is the bit in Pride and Prejudice when Lizzie and Darcy bicker at Netherfield while Jane is sick. Lizzie comes away from it more annoyed by Darcy than anything, but it’s clear to me they were flirting. And it was hot.

Okay, I’ve searched in vain for a picture from that scene. Sadness.




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9 responses to “B3DA Day 5: If I Won the Lottery

  1. Yay for scholarship funds!! You’re my hero, Christina.
    (I’m imagining you in Wonder Woman chucks and saving me with new books that change my life)

  2. I love the scene too!
    Great list. I especially love that you would build a library in a barn and buy Wonder Woman chucks.

  3. Autumn

    I would think the wonder woman chucks would be first on the list. Do they already exist or will you have to commission them? Ooh, that should be on my list. Commission a special pair of chucks … maybe Broadway chucks? Anyway, if they exists, we need pictures.

  4. Scrooge MacDuck is a winner.

  5. Holly

    I LOVE THAT YOU FOUND A GIF OF MARK WAHLBERG PUNCHING EDWARD NORTON FROM THE ITALIAN JOB. I really do think of you when I see this scene, because it makes me think of how we’d rewind it and rewind it to see him do it over and over again. Happy times.

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