B3DA Day 6: Live performances

I like to think I’m not a particularly picky person. I am rarely the person standing around saying ‘This sucks.’ And I’m pretty excitable. So keep that in mind while I talk about the best live performances I’ve ever experienced.

Okay, I was going to regurgitate every concert I’ve ever been to because I’ve loved them all (I think), but now I don’t want you to have to read them all so I’m just going to list them and leave it at that.

Here’s a little key if you don’t know who they all are: Band Play or Musical Author or Comedian

  • Green Day
  • Barenaked Ladies (3x)
  • Five for Fighting
  • Live
  • Paolo Nutini
  • Old 97s
  • Rent with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal
  • Matt Nathanson
  • Kristin Schaal and Kurt Braunholer at Fringe
  • Thomas Cahill
  • The Farnsworth Invention
  • Jonathan Coulton/Paul and Storm
  • Sarah Dunant
  • Gin Blossoms

Oh and especially this:

If you look real hard you can see me standing behind Jenny Lewis. One of the most amazing things ever.

~~~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~~~~~~~

6. Favorite Adaptation.

AUGH. How do you choose??

Favorite modern day adaptation would be Clueless

And I would probably be shunned if I didn’t say the 1995 Pride and Prejudice for straight up adaptation. I especially love Lady Catherine de Bourgh in that one.



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5 responses to “B3DA Day 6: Live performances

  1. I’d quite like to see Nutini live. Was he energetic?

    • librariansti

      The music definitely was, but I don’t know if I’d say *he* was, if that makes sense. And when he wasn’t singing he was totally unintelligible, which was either the Scottish thing or the so drunk/stoned he couldn’t open his eyes thing. 🙂 Still, he was fantastic.

  2. Jenny!!! ❤ Love her and YOU for taking me to witness that awesomeness!

  3. Autumn

    OK, I seriously just got hypnotized watching Paul Rudd kiss Cher over and over again. I got stuck and couldn’t stop watching. Oh Paul Rudd!

    And of course, yay for seeing Rent with Adam & Anthony!

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