B3DA Day 7- TILT!

Is it already/only day 7? Have I actually written each day? *Goes back to check* I have. Crazy.

Okay, hello and welcome to Things I Love Thursdays, haven’t done this in a while. So here we go, because who doesn’t want another list?

  • This article on how Tina Fey’s pregnancy could be handled on 30 Rock
  • Free lunch in the park
  • Walking in the park wearing my summer hat (that still has the beach pass from Cape May pinned to it)
  • Going to MFAH tonight to see the Impressionists again for LAR’s birthday.
  • Getting new comics in the mail, even if I already have a copy.
  • looking at Paul Rudd
  • Finding out that the sweet sweet face of Brendan Hines is going to be on Castle next week!!!!!!
  • Watching Big Train sketches on youtube/tumblr:
  • These guys

  • Tumblr in general
  • Being good at my job and helping people find books whose name they can’t remember.

~~~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~~~~~~

7. Favorite Austen couple:



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7 responses to “B3DA Day 7- TILT!

  1. Autumn

    Tina Fey is pregnant? How did I not know that? Squee for her. I’m at the top of the list to get Bossypants at the library.
    What do you know Brendan Hines from? I have never heard of him.

    • Oooh, I know him from Lie to Me. Can’t wait to catch up on Castle post-Easter. That and Bones are the only shows I’m really missing.

      Partly because Doctor Who hasn’t started. I’m missing that one in abstentsia! I too adore Amy and Rory. Rory really grew on me this season. I didn’t think I’d like him, but someone needs to keep Amy’s feet on the ground 🙂

    • librariansti

      I was afraid Rory would be a sad sap, but he ended up being wonderful.

    • librariansti

      Like Becky says below he’s on Lie to Me, but I know him from a short lived show called The Middle Man. He played my idea of the perfect guy. *Swoon*

  2. That big train sketch is amazing, but only a runner up to the crown jewel, the french turtle that is upside down.

    • librariansti

      I don’t think I’ve seen that one. Chaka Kan versus the BeeGees is great and the Prince ones, and the staring contest animations. Gah, they’re all good.

  3. Holly

    GASP. You put up Knightley and Emma as your favorite JA couple and you DIDN’T use a picture of Jeremy???! I repeat, GASP! Lol. But Johnny was seriously awesome, and Romola was WAY more likeable as Emma. Take that, Gwenyth Paltrow-who-I-Like-on-other-things.

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