B3DA day 8: Follow Friday-Youtubers to Watch

I’m throwing the schedule to the winds because I don’t have the list of bloggers I want you to follow organized yet. So I’m going to do youtube instead.

So I love youtube, a lot. And I subscribe to a lot of youtubers (that’s the right term, right? It just sounds the Bubertuber plants in Harry Potter.). BUT, unlike Lisa I don’t watch them on any sort of regular basis. I mean, I love the VlogBrothers and Charlie but I just never get around to watching them for some reason. But I’m going to put that aside for the moment and tell you about three youtube channels I like.

If/Whenever you’re in a bad mood you should check out Randall’s Wild Wild World of Animals. Randall provides his own commentary on animals in National Geographic documentaries and they are hilarious. HILarious. I dare you not to laugh while watching my favorite video about Honey Badgers:

Oh there’s one on sloths I haven’t watched! That might end up being my new favorite….

The other youtuber is probably a little out of what I would normally encourage people to follow. Her name is Kandee Johnson and she’s an amazing makeup artist. I used some tips from her Marilyn Monroe and how to apply false eyelashes tutorials for my Flo costume at Halloween.

(I’m in the middle)

Kandee also answers make up question and has a couple Disney Princess tutorials including and pretty awesome looking Princess Jasmine!

Finally, Julian Smith. Someone posted this video some where:

And I spent the rest of that day watching his videos. Hot Kool-aid is also great.

So those are my three suggestions of people to follow this week…


After work I’m headed to Brenham for what will be a fabulous weekend at the ranch with the Cholulas! We will Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

~~~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~~~~

8. Least Favorite Couple.

Confused, does this mean least favorite of the Main Character Couples? Or the satellite couples? Both?

Probably my least favorite MCC is either Marianne and Colonel Brandon or Elinor and Edward. Not because I don’t like them! But if I knew Marianne and Col. Brandon in real life I’d want to shake them (Marianne for being a bit of a dramatic twit and Col. B. for falling for her and not me). As for Elinor and Edward, I’m with The Other Austen (the source of all the awesomely snarky Jane Austen images I’ve been posting). In fact, a lot of my choice line right up with hers(their? Sorry I don’t know who runs that tumblr)….



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3 responses to “B3DA day 8: Follow Friday-Youtubers to Watch

  1. I will have to check them out. I rarely get around to watching YouTube videos but I like What the Buck.

  2. Hahahaha, best Black Books episode ever?

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