B3DA 9: Happy Birthday Leigh Anne!

Today is my good friend Leigh Anne’s birthday, we’re celebrating it at DJ Ranch in Brenham, one of our favorite places. Also, where we’ve decided to convene when the zombie apocalypse happens. I know today is technically photo essay day, and I’ve taken pictures today for it, but I’m not up for the inevitable hassle of uploading and posting them tonight since I’m tired and I’ve been drunk most of the day. I will put them up tomorrow.

I was told to blog about falling asleep/passing out on the side of a hill today….I fell asleep outside under giant oak trees after getting out the pool and it was awesome. Though there may be photos…Then I took another nap for a long time (despite setting an alarm for 8:15 I slept till 10). See, this is why I don’t like naps (though I enjoyed mine today), because I cannot take them in moderation. Now everyone has gone to bed, making this the earliest/tamest ranch weekend yet, but in a good way.  Okay, now I’m exhausted again, time for bed…again.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~Jane Austen 30 Day Challenge~~~~~~~~~~~~

9. Most hated foe of a heroine.

Hum. Probably Mr. Elliot in Persuasion, just because he’s the skeeviest.  But is he really that much of a foe to Anne? He’s really more a perceived foe of Captain Wentworth…




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